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Posted: September 7, 2018

World Issues - None

Canadian Identity 9 - none

Lang. Arts 6H - none

Social Studies 7O'K - summarize in your words, in a sentence or two, the main idea of the section for which you are responsible in "The Disempowerment Puzzle" pp.10-14

A. First Peoples of Canada - Click on Index at the bottom, then focus on the Arrival of Strangers—The Last 500 Years section, the Economy pages.

B. Native Population, Economies and Movement, ca 1820 - This map shows the population of various indigenous people and the state of their economies at approximately 1820 AD. In the Layer Controls section, select only the Native population circles and Native economies checkboxes.

C. Aboriginal People, Economic Conditions


Posted: May 1, 2017

Per.1: Writing 110

  • Students are preparing movie reviews of their favourite movie.  The format is explained in the Wiki-How link that is found on my website. For tonight, students are to examine reviews of their favourite movies (just not the one they intend to review) as done by Roger Ebert on the website link found in the Weblinks section.

Per.2: Canadian Identity 9

  • Students took notes today for Chapter 6.
  • Questions to be completed (these were assigned Thursday) are: Review & Reflect p.90 #1,2; Apply & Extend p.91 #1,2; Review & Reflect p.92 #1; Apply & Extend p.93 #1; Review & Reflect p.94 #s1,3

Per.4: Social Studies 9

  • Students continued their work on Settlement of the Atlantic Provinces project as described on p.64 #1

Per.5: World Issues

  • Students continued working/researching their Genocide Powerpoint projects

Posted: April 11, 2017

Per.1: Writing 110

  • Our second day working in the lab on preparing some narrative assignments for publishing.  Students are working on publishing two of three pieces on which they have been working; "I Got Up...," "A Christmas Story Retelling," "Show, Don't Tell Narrative"

Per.2: Canadian Identity 9

  • TEST tomorrow.  Review is available here on website.

Per.4: Social Studies 8

  • Read pp.53-54 on "The Growth of Fredericton"
  • Answer question #1 p.54 in a three-columned chart.

Per. 5: World Issues 120

  • Students worked on deconstructing an article.  Expectation is for tomorrow they will each bring in their own article to deconstruct.

Per. 1: Writing 110

No homework

Per.2: Canadian Identity 9T

  • Comprehension Check assignment for Chapter 4 is due by end of class Friday.  Students will only have 1 more class day to work on it.
  • Test next Wednesday on Chapters 3&4
  • Students are to have read first chapter of "No Time to Say Goodbye" for tomorrow's class.

Social Studies 8

  • Reviewed constructing climographs and how to get data from them.
  • Looked at p.43 "Examining Weather" and talked about from where weather is observed.
  • Assigned all 5 questions on p.44 that relate to the two meteorological maps.  These were discussed for student's benefit and understanding in class.

Per.5: World Issues

  • No class today because of a UNB Presentation

Period 1: Writing 110

  • Finish Draft of letter started in class.  "Write a reflective letter outlining your writing goals for this sememster."  This should be directed towards two intended audiences; firstly, me your teacher, but secondly, and more importantly, the future you who will check to see how you have improved or met your goals at semester's end.  You may write about certain traits of writing upon which you wish to improve, you may wish to write about certain types of writing you would like to attempt/explore.  These are personal writing goals, make them suited to yourself.

Period 2: Canadian Identity 9T

  • "Writers Reflect Canadsian Identity."  Reread pp.12-16.
  • Answer Review & Reflect questions #1-3 (15 minutes in class were given for this and it was hinted they may be taken in for marks)

Period 4: Social Studies 8


Period 5: World Issues 120

Posted: February 6, 2017

Period 1: Writing 110

  • Be thinking of potential list of topics for a "Personal Writing Inventory"

Period 2: Canadian Identity 9T

  • Review & Reflect questions #s 1&2 on p.8.  Incorrectly identified in class as p.9

Period 4: Social Studies 8

  • Read pp.5-7
  • Answer questions #s 4 AND 6 on p.7.

Period 5: World Issues 120

  • Obtain a news clipping from a newspaper, journal, or magazine.  Try to have it be of a world event.  Suggested websites:

Posted: February 5, 2017

Period 1: Writing 110

  • Students are completing a Preliminary Diagnostic piece of writing.  They chose 1 of 3 topics provided on Friday and are to complete 500wds for Monday (rough draft) to be handed in but NOT to be used for marking.  This is formative assessment.
  • NEED a composition notebook to be used for Quickwrites and Journal entries; of this sort is acceptable and commonly found in dollar stores or drug stores

Period 2: Canadian Identity 9T

  • Read pp.2-3 and answer Review & Reflect questions 2,3 on p.3.

Period 4: Social Studies 8

  • Answer questions 1-3 on p.4 of the textbook.
  • Answer questions 1-3 on p.7 of the textbook.

Period 5: World Issues 120

  • Course outline was handed out and discussed as were the guidelines for the end-of-term Scrapbook Project.
  • Article of the Week:  "Donald Trump Defends Tough Phone Calls."  This article was handed out but is also available here AND is link is provided on the course twitter account @BHSWorldIssues.  Rubric was also provided for how your articles of the week will be marked(I will attach to this site, in the documents tab, those rubric guidelines).  Expectation is that articles of the week will be a response of about 1-page in length and will go beyond summarizing the article; they will reflect upon the implications of the topic discussed on the local, regional and world stage.

Posted: February 2, 2017

Today in class, students were assigned a seating plan.  They were handed out textbooks.  They were given maps of the four Atlantic Provinces. They were taught about Longitude and Latitude.  They were also sent home with a worksheet assignment; the expectation being that they identify the latitude/longitude coordinates for the first three locations: Blackville, NB; O'Leary, PE, & Windsor, NS.  

IF a student was absent or forgot their sheet at school, that is not an excuse.  If you don't understand the work, ask a parent for help; call a friend (you'd do the same for gossip of what happened at school, make it the same for work).

I have, for your benefit included the worksheet and a picture of the map which all of the students are using.


Posted: November 29, 2016

Image result for homework clipart free

Per. 1: Canadian Literature 120

  • Make sure you have finished reading to the end of p.210 in "Book of Negroes"
  • Have all questions finished to the end of this section:  questions for this section (including those handed out today) can be found as an attachment to this note.

Per. 2: Canadian Identity 9

  • Wrote the Chapter 5: Response to Geographic Influences test today.  Anyone absent will need to arrange a lunchtime or after school time to write this test immediately upon their return.

Per.3: Law 120

  • Wrote the Chapter 7:Criminal Court Structure test today.  Anyone absent will need to arrange a lunchtime or after school time to write this test immediately upon their return.
  • From Monday, when we began Chapter 8: Investigations & Arrest, Sec.1: Levels of Police in Canada, students will need to ensure they have read pp.189-193.  ALSO, students are responsible for completing "Building Your Understanding p.193" #'s 1 & 2.

Per.4: Writing 110

  • Students today continued drafting their picture prompt narrative chosen from "The Mysteries of Harris Burdick."  The following is a link to those pictures AND the title/story line from each that must guide your stories.
  • There is no expectation to have this finished for tomorrow; however, students should be thinking of the story they wish to tell which will capture audiences attention, entertain audiences, and keep them reading.

Posted: September 13, 2016

Assignment A

Write a letter (~one page) in which you answer the following questions:

  • What does the term “Canadian Literary texts” mean to you?

  • How is it different than, say, British and American literature?  What characteristics does it possess that make it distinctively unique?

Assignment B

Write a one page response to the videos which depict or show Canadian identity.  The videos were:

Your response could include such things as, “What does it mean to you to be Canadian?”; “why are we so obsessed with how the rest of the world sees us or thinks of us?”; “Why doesn’t the world know more about us?”; “Why do so many stereotypes exist of Canadians?”