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Posted: October 13, 2017

It was another great week in Middle school! 

The road hockey tournament was a huge succes! Thank you to all the students who participated, it was a very successful fundraiser. 

All classes are reminded of the Food Drive for the local food bank. The race is tight and student council really appreciates all your efforts to help out! 

Ice cream sanwhiches will be for sale the rest of the week while supplies last. Any grade 8's who have not brought in their sandwiches are asked to try and bring them in this week. Thanks again to those who already have! 

8DU & 8DA

We have just finished up our presentations on cars and will be moving on clothing and discussing  the changes over the last 8 decades. 


We are still working on Phenomene Etrange and have just begun discussing extra terrestrials and whether they are real or fake. We will be reading the book Les OVNIS this week (Wed - Fri). 


This week was a big one for 6O science class. The students wrote a large quiz/test on Wednesday which was handed back today along with quiz 1. Please sign both quizzes and return them on Monday. We also began a research project on Thursday, the students are to pick a vertebrate and answer questions concerning them.  We spent Friday learning about how to use the internet to research and what the finish product should look like. Monday will be a research day and we will then take our information and turn it into a poster. Keep up the great work! 




Posted: October 6, 2017

Grade 8’s are reminded to bring in Ice cream Sandwiches for fundraising.

Holiday on Monday.

October 10th book Orders

October 11th Fire Prevention Week Presentation.

October 25th ½ for students.

October 27th Halloween Party/Dance

Grade 8DU and 8DA

We are finished our presentations and will be presenting them on Wednesday and Thursday.


We are finished writing paragraphs on Ogopogo and those who did not complete should finish on their own time and pass it in on Wednesday.


We worked in Scientific Method today. Everyone should have their books home to study for the test on Wednesday. Please see attached notes for those who forgot. Study Hard!

All walk a thon money was due today!


Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: October 4, 2017

Walk – A – Thon sheets due tomorrow!!!!!

Walk-A-Thon is Friday from 9:30 to 11:30.

Book Orders due Tuesday October  10th. 

Grade 8DU & 8DA

Please remember to bring in your ice cream sandwiches, It is a great way to start fundraising for your end of year trip!



We will be finishing up our research projects on cars tomorrow and will begin to present Friday or Tuesday. We will be moving on to music next week and discussing the differences between new and old as well as our preferences.



We are currently working on a paragraph about Ogopogo and whether he is real or fake students will finish their drafts tomorrow and Friday.



We talked about animal adaptation today and watched a video on ecosystems and living and nonliving things within them. I challenged the students to find the definition of ecosystem tonight and bring it in to me tomorrow for a candy. This is their choice and is not required.


There will be a quiz on Wednesday on the notes and concepts we have learned since the last quiz. Student will be given review Friday and be given the entire class to work on it. Here are some of this weeks notes, the students also have notes on why Frogs are disapearing. 

File animal_adaptation_slide_37-51.docx12.22 KB

Posted: September 29, 2017

Don't forget about the Walk-A-Thon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8DU and 8DA

Both classes will be working on a research project next week and will be presenting a powerpoint or smart notebook to the class.


We are currently discussing Phénoméne étrange, we discussed the Dungarven Whooper and Headless Nun as well as OGOPOGO. We will writing a paragraph on Ogopogo and if they think it is real or fake and why. 


In Science we are currently discussing warm and cold blooded animals, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and will be moving on to frogs on Monday. This was a heavy note taking week and another quiz will be just around the corner! Students should get themselves in the routine of reading notes a few times a week as homework. This will make studying for tests much easier. 

Please see attached notes from this week,  

Have a great weekend!

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Posted: September 20, 2017




Middle School Dance Thursday 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Cost is $3.00 at the door and canteen will be available with drinks and chips. All items at the canteen are $1.00. School dress code applies.


September 27th: Half day students are dismissed at 11:25 am.


September 29th: Orange Shirt Day.




6O Science


Today we worked on a review for the upcoming quiz on Monday. Students were given a chance to work on notes and review questions. Please see attached review sheet for those who were absent or for any clarification. Everything the students need to know is included. We will be playing Jeopardy tomorrow to help with review and moving on to discuss the 5 kingdoms and animal classification this will not be on the quiz.




We are currently working on paragraphs describing a monster that they know, we will be finishing this up tomorrow.  


8DU & 8DA


Students worked on their good copy of their paragraphs on cars (comparing old and new), we will finish this up tomorrow and read a book on the subject as well.


File quiz_review.docx14.66 KB
PDF icon living_non_living.pdf25.3 MB

Posted: September 13, 2017


September 14th- Pictures due back (tomorrow)

September 15th - Terry Fox Walk – asking for a voluntary one dollar donation.

September 27th – ½ day for students.

September 29th – Orange shirt day.

Please return all forms as soon as possible.

Any bus students planning on walking to or from school must bring a note to homeroom giving permission to do so.  Parents may write one note for the entire year.

Students are only permitted one alternative bus note for the year. Bus notes must be sent to school with students, phone calls will only be accepted in case of emergency.



We are till working on describing the difference between old and new cars. Today the students also discussed which of the two they preferred and why.


No class today!


We are still working on describing monsters, everyone has picked monster and talked with a partner about their monster. We will be starting our paragraphs tomorrow as well illustrating a picture.

6 Science

Today we began the first unit Variety of Life and the students spent the class talking about why and how we classify items/animals etc.

Another Great Wednesday in Middle School.

Posted: September 12, 2017


Please return all forms as soon as possible.

Terry Fox Walk Friday @ 11:00 am - voluntary one dollar donation.

September 27th 1/2 day for students.

Please make sure that if students are arriving to school after 8:30am that they sign in to the office.

Any bus students planning on walking to or from school must bring a note to homeroom giving permission to do so.  Parents may write one note for the entire year.

Students are only permitted one alternative bus note for the year. Bus notes must be sent to school with students, phone calls will only be accepted in case of emergency.


We are working on Phénomène étrange. Students are currently discussing monsters they know and will be writing a paragraph later this week.  

8DA and 8DU PIF

We are currently working on Le Mode De Vie D'autrefois. We are currently talking about cars and students are comparing a 1920 Ford Model T to new cars. We will be writing a paragraph on cars and how they have changed later this week.

6O Science

We have spent some time going over scientific method and the 7 steps. We did a science experiment yesterday and went through the steps. Here are the steps if you would like to discuss them with your child.


  1. Hypothesis:

  2. Design an Experiment:

  3. List your materials:

  4. Procedure:

  5. Results/Observation:

  6. Conclusion and Communicate:  

I have attached the smart board notes if you need some information. Today we will finish up the work on the experiment and look at variables. This information will be used through the entire semester and it is important that students know what each step is. We hope to do another experiment on Friday.

Have a great week!

Ms. Duffy

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Posted: September 6, 2017


Please return all forms to homeroom as soon as possible. 


Important Dates: 

September 7th: Picture Day! 

September 15th: Terry Fox Walk - We are asking students to bring in a $1.00 voluntary donation. 


Gentle Reminders: 

No energy drinks at school

Students should make sure they are arriving at school and in homeroom before 8:30 am. After 8:30 students must sign in At the office. 

If students normally go on the bus and are choosing to walk from school they must provide a note to homeroom teachers. Parents may send one note for the whole year. 

Thank you for a great first two days of Middle School! 

When in doubt ask for help!!!!!!



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