September 12th

Posted: September 12, 2017


Please return all forms as soon as possible.

Terry Fox Walk Friday @ 11:00 am - voluntary one dollar donation.

September 27th 1/2 day for students.

Please make sure that if students are arriving to school after 8:30am that they sign in to the office.

Any bus students planning on walking to or from school must bring a note to homeroom giving permission to do so.  Parents may write one note for the entire year.

Students are only permitted one alternative bus note for the year. Bus notes must be sent to school with students, phone calls will only be accepted in case of emergency.


We are working on Phénomène étrange. Students are currently discussing monsters they know and will be writing a paragraph later this week.  

8DA and 8DU PIF

We are currently working on Le Mode De Vie D'autrefois. We are currently talking about cars and students are comparing a 1920 Ford Model T to new cars. We will be writing a paragraph on cars and how they have changed later this week.

6O Science

We have spent some time going over scientific method and the 7 steps. We did a science experiment yesterday and went through the steps. Here are the steps if you would like to discuss them with your child.


  1. Hypothesis:

  2. Design an Experiment:

  3. List your materials:

  4. Procedure:

  5. Results/Observation:

  6. Conclusion and Communicate:  

I have attached the smart board notes if you need some information. Today we will finish up the work on the experiment and look at variables. This information will be used through the entire semester and it is important that students know what each step is. We hope to do another experiment on Friday.

Have a great week!

Ms. Duffy

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