Posted: October 4, 2017

Walk – A – Thon sheets due tomorrow!!!!!

Walk-A-Thon is Friday from 9:30 to 11:30.

Book Orders due Tuesday October  10th. 

Grade 8DU & 8DA

Please remember to bring in your ice cream sandwiches, It is a great way to start fundraising for your end of year trip!



We will be finishing up our research projects on cars tomorrow and will begin to present Friday or Tuesday. We will be moving on to music next week and discussing the differences between new and old as well as our preferences.



We are currently working on a paragraph about Ogopogo and whether he is real or fake students will finish their drafts tomorrow and Friday.



We talked about animal adaptation today and watched a video on ecosystems and living and nonliving things within them. I challenged the students to find the definition of ecosystem tonight and bring it in to me tomorrow for a candy. This is their choice and is not required.


There will be a quiz on Wednesday on the notes and concepts we have learned since the last quiz. Student will be given review Friday and be given the entire class to work on it. Here are some of this weeks notes, the students also have notes on why Frogs are disapearing. 

File animal_adaptation_slide_37-51.docx12.22 KB