Posted: October 13, 2017

It was another great week in Middle school! 

The road hockey tournament was a huge succes! Thank you to all the students who participated, it was a very successful fundraiser. 

All classes are reminded of the Food Drive for the local food bank. The race is tight and student council really appreciates all your efforts to help out! 

Ice cream sanwhiches will be for sale the rest of the week while supplies last. Any grade 8's who have not brought in their sandwiches are asked to try and bring them in this week. Thanks again to those who already have! 

8DU & 8DA

We have just finished up our presentations on cars and will be moving on clothing and discussing  the changes over the last 8 decades. 


We are still working on Phenomene Etrange and have just begun discussing extra terrestrials and whether they are real or fake. We will be reading the book Les OVNIS this week (Wed - Fri). 


This week was a big one for 6O science class. The students wrote a large quiz/test on Wednesday which was handed back today along with quiz 1. Please sign both quizzes and return them on Monday. We also began a research project on Thursday, the students are to pick a vertebrate and answer questions concerning them.  We spent Friday learning about how to use the internet to research and what the finish product should look like. Monday will be a research day and we will then take our information and turn it into a poster. Keep up the great work!