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Posted: June 23, 2011

School is officially out for the summer, Friday, June 24th at 11:30 am.  The students will be receiving their awards in the gym starting at 9am, then the busses will be departing the school at 11:30 am. I want to thank each and everyone of my students for making this school year unbelievable and unforgettable.  I will miss you all!!!  Enjoy your summer, and best of luck in middle school in the fall!
Did you see that?  Weekly Message for May 30th-JUNE 3rd.  JUNE!!  Can you believe it is here already?  Wow, what a great year! This week we will have another great week planned.  First thing on Monday will be the last day of our Provincial Math Assessments, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief! Tuesday, Mr. Duplessie will be joining us again but this time it will be for Photostory.  He will be teaching us all how to use this great option for presentations. Other than this, our week will be routine as always.  You will have time to continue working on our Social Studies project. I hope you all have a great week!  Enjoy the sunshine!
Today we talked about Canadian Copyright. During the presentation, we also talked about Public Domain and Creative Commons. Here are the resources that we presented to source Creative Commons images, music and sound effects:Flickr (remember to search within Creative Commons licensed content) MorgueFile (Public image archive) Stock.XCHNG (alternative to expensive stock photography)http://www.sxc.huJamendo (a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses)http://www.jamendo.comThe Freesound Project (a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds) Also Search by Creative Commons will search Google images that have creative commons lisences:
Welcome back from a long weekend everyone.  I sure hope everyone had a super weekend and got lots of rest to prepare for our busy week ahead! Monday of course there is no school, but on Tuesday we have a big day.  First thing Tuesday morning we will have the opportunity to watch the Grade 6 drama presentations.  They performed these productions at the Drama Festival in Fredericton two weeks ago, and we are fortunate to have the pleasure of watching it ourselves.  I am sure it will be very entertaining.  After the drama presentation, Mr. Duplessie will be joining us again to go over copyright issues for our upcoming presentations on Ancient Greece.  I am sure his lesson will be a memorable one.  In the afternoon we will be going to the computer lab to give you time to work on your presentation for Ancient Greece while the information that Mr. Duplessie informed you with will be fresh in your mind. Wednesday, we have our Roots of Empathy Walk-a-thon at 10:30 after recess.  Parents are more than welcome to join us on our adventure if you wish.  Thursday is another big day.  First thing in the morning the class will be in class writing the Provincial Math Assessment.  This could take up to two hours.  I am hoping that the students are studying for this event at home in the evenings to make sure they ace this test.  Mrs. Turcott has worked extremely hard with these students, giving them help over and above her duties.  I am positive that the students will make her very proud.  Don't forget to bring a water bottle and have lots of pencils for this day. Friday is another day of testing, and then we will have our last day of DARE with Mrs. Donahue, along with Reading Buddies, and Fun Friday. As I said is a BIG week, so hopefully you will get plenty of rest and enjoy your fun-filled days here at BHS!!!  
What a crazy, lazy weather we had this weekend.  Hopefully we will have some sunshine this week at some point to purk up our spirits.  These gray skies are hard to take every day! This week we have another full week.  Monday we will be finishing up our Ancient Egypt presentaions, Tuesday we have Mr. Duplessie coming from the District Office to give us a presentation on videography for our Ancient Greece projects we are going to be working on next.  Wednesday is just a normal day, but on Thursday we will have the pleasure of Mrs. Barry in the afternoon to take us geocaching if the weather cooperates.  Friday you will have DARE again with Mrs. Donahue, Fun Friday and Reading Buddies again.  I have posted on my homepage your newest Social Studies assignment on Ancient Greece.  I am expecting these to be done mostly in class.  I want to remind everyone that it is your presentation and it should not be your parents doing the work.  I give everyone plenty of time to finish these projects in class, so come prepared to work at the school.  I am also hoping that I see many video productions this time after the great presentation that Mr. Duplessie gave today on videography.  Good luck everyone. Get lots of rest so you can enjoy this week to its fullest and so that this weather doesn't dampen your spirits.  On a positive note, once Friday is here, we have a nice long weekend.  Hopefully the sun will come out so we can enjoy it to the fullest! 

Posted: May 10, 2011

Hello again everyone!  Our first full week of school for a while, and it is jam packed with work...this might be a hard week! :) Monday we will be going to the computer lab for our last in-class time to work on the Social Studies projects, but I am confident that most students are almost finished their projects so I look forward to seeing them all.  Tuesday is our Intensive French day as always.  We have to try and keep our french skills sharp for next year, because you will be going all summer with no french exposure. Wednesday we will be having our Science test on our Weather unit that we have been working on for quite some time.  I have been reviewing in class and it seems like my students have it mastered...some more than others. Then, Thursday is the big day that I have been waiting for.  Egypt presentations!  I can't wait to see the presentations and have them teach me about ancient Egypt! Finally, it is Friday!  What a day we have planned for Friday!  First, we will be going to Nine Pine for the end of our food unit for Intensive French.  Then when we return to the school, we will have Mrs. Donahue come to visit us to teach the students more about self-esteem.  After lunch, it is our normal Friday routine with Reading Buddies, Fun Friday, Music and Math. I wish everyone a great week...and the count down is on to the end of the school year!!  Thirty-four more days!!!
Welcome the month of May!! I'm ready for these May flowers everyone talks about, are you? This week is a short one. We only have school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. How lucky are you. Poor Madame has to go to meetings while you get to sleep in and enjoy this summer-like weather we are experiencing. I hope you enjoy it, because there won't be many more breaks until school is finished in June. Monday we will be going to the computer lab to work on the Social Studies projects.Tuesday the school is very fortunate to have Mrs. Barry here to celebrate with us the official launch of the "Go for 42 Running Program." How exciting is that? This is always one of my favorite events, and shows that the month of July is closer than we think. Wednesday we have an assembly for the "Feed the Children" program that the school has been working on. Teacher Torcher is officially over and Mr. Mason will be receiving his pies to the face on Wednesday morning...this is not to be missed! Come and enjoy seeing him get a pie to the face, or better yet, bring in lots of money to win the auction of the pie that will be sold to a lucky grade five student.What a week. Non stop action, right here at your amazing school! I hope you enjoy the week and your big long weekend. See you all on Monday, May 9th, and don't forget that day it is "Wear Pink for Carly Carney" day. Hopefully we will have a sea of pink at BHS!

Posted: April 26, 2011

Can you imagine...this  is my last weekly message for April already.  Next week's message will be for the month of May.  Where has the time went? This week, we are busy finishing up some loose ends to some projects.  They will be given time again this week to work on their Social Studies projects since they are due in two weeks. Friday is a busy day for Grade 5TH, we have Mrs. Donahure coming to do the DARE program, Mrs. Barry coming to celebrate and promote National Dance Day and last but not lease we have to wish Nick and Tiffany a very happy birthday!!!  Enjoy your week, and talk to you again in May!

Posted: April 19, 2011

Short week this week!  Can you believe that it is Easter time already?  I hope the fabulous bunny finds all of my lovely students. Monday will be getting down to the nitty gritty and working hard on all subjects trying to cover curriculum.  I will be taking the students to the computer lab for the first time so that they can start working on their Ancient Egypt projects. Tuesday we will be having a special guest join our class and show us his recent adventure to Egypty.  I am very excited to see this myself as Egypt is such a fantastic place with such rich history.  Hopefully my students will learn lots! Thursday the students will be going to the computer lab again to work on their Ancient Egypt projects again.  Please assure that the students have their memory stick on hand that day to save any work they do in the lab.  As well, their journals from the middle age unit is due on this day, so I hope they organize themselves and finish these up on time. Friday, of course, there is no school.  Enjoy your long weekend, and I look forward to getting back to work with all of you on Tuesday! Happy Easter everyone!


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