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Posted: December 6, 2010

Posted: December 6, 2010

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Posted: December 6, 2010

We are entering our second week of December already!  Our weeks are passing so fast and it is hard to fit everything that I want to get done in.This week we have a very busy week.  Our class is getting ready for the dance performance at JMH on the evening of December 8th at 5:45pm.  The bus will be leaving Blackville School at 4:45 to transport the students to and from this event.  Our principal is gracious enough to help take these kids down on the bus and I will be meeting my class there.  I hope all of you can make it!  It is quite a site to see.As well, Craig Duplessie from the District Office Technical Team will be visiting us on Wednesday as well.  The class has been working hard on designing their claymation project for this day and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out.  Stay tuned to our website, or come and visit us during the Christmas concert on December 21st at 9am to see the unveiling!Thursday I will be away at the District Office for a workshop for the Intensive French program, so from Monday to Wednesday we have to work very hard to reach all my goals for this super class.Thank you all for the amazing surprise birthday party that you threw for me on Friday...I felt more loved here than I do at home!Only 14 more school days...

Posted: December 3, 2010

Hello Grade 5TH!  I'm a bit late with this message, due to the unforeseen circumstances at the first of the week, but I am glad to be back and we have lots to do.It is time to get cracking on all the things that we need to get done for all the Christmas events coming up.  I am so excited to make our journey to JMH for the Celebration of Writing and Song.  I know my class will do super with their dance, but we have to practice, practice, practice.We also have to get started on our claymations to accompany our Christmas song.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!  Let your imaginations run wild!!Until next week, get lost of rest over the weekend!Mme Hale!

Posted: November 26, 2010

Look at Daniel!!!  He was our first model for Project Runway in Grade 5TH this week.  He was such a great sport to model clothes from Mme Hale's wardrobe as I modeled how the class will play this game.  I can't wait to see what Daniel brings on Monday for Marlee to model!  The students are loving the clothing unit in the Intensive French program!

Posted: November 24, 2010

Today we had special visitors come to our class.  Mrs. Simmons and Mr. Savoy from the District Office came to give a Smart Board lesson to my class to familiarize them with using the interactive tool. The students were amazed with them!   It was wonderful for them to share their technical knowledge with my class.  I cannot wait to see what the students' presentations will look like after this lesson!  Thank you District Office staff!

Posted: November 14, 2010

Only 5 more weeks until Christmas break!  Wow!  Where has the time went?I am having so much fun with my class this year and I am excited to try the new project with this class on the Smart Board.  I can't wait to see the presentations and I know my class is working very hard on these.We are going to start our new unit on clothing this week, so I am looking forward to move forward in this direction.  We are also going to learn our Christmas song this week.  It is a jam packed week of fun.  Hopefully my students will love it as much as I do!

Posted: October 31, 2010

November already!  I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!  Please remember that you should only eat your treats in moderation, and not all at once.  Mix those small bags of chips with some fruits and veggies to balance out the good with the bad.Another short week this week as the students have the day off on Friday November 5th due to our Parent-Teacher interviews are held on this day.  The interviews are held on Thursday night from 6pm until 8:30pm and then again on Friday from 8:30 in the morning until 11:30am.  I hope all of my parents can come in and see me so I can put a parental face to the students.  If these times do not suit you and you cannot seem to work them into your schedule, please just jot a note in your child's EAGLES book and I will arrange a time that better suits your schedule.Enjoy the week everybody!  Look for your child's report card in their school bags on Tuesday!  I know nobody will be disappointed!

Posted: October 26, 2010

Posted: October 25, 2010

The last week of October, WOW!    It doesn't feel like we should be this far into the school year, but the chill in the air sure makes it known that we are heading into the winter months soon. I don't know if we can ever better the fun we had last week, but I am going to try!  We are going to have two Fun Fridays this week, a parade of costumes and a Halloween party on Friday plus to top the week off, Hump Day is a holiday!!  Please remember that Wednesday there is no school due to the meetings for teachers. As we start a new week, we always start a new book, and this time it is all about dressing up for Halloween.  For a closing activity for this book, we are going to a parade of costumes with the other grade 5 class, and I am so excited to see all my students dressed up for this event. Friday, as well, you are welcome to send in treats for your child to share with the class, but this is a voluntary activity.  We will be having a small "truc ou traite" session before dinner to celebrate the festive occasion and the end of our book. Au revoir pour le mois d'octobre!


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