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What a busy week we have ahead of us.  Make sure you get your sleep and organise your days! Tuesday, we will be visited my best-selling Canadian author Peter Clark.  He will be sharing stories that he wrote and explaining to the students that anyone can become an author if they want. Wednesday Blackville School will be turning into Pinkville School as we celebrate Bully-Awareness Week.  All students are encouraged to stand-up against bullying and wear pink to support this event.  Make sure you set out your wardrobe the night before, so you don't forget to wear pink! Thursday we will be celebrating our 100th day of school.  Mrs. Turcotte has a fun-filled day planned for all of us.  Thank you Mrs. Turcotte! Friday, is our usual Friday, full of adventure.  We have our Fun Friday and our Reading Buddies which I know all my students love to do. Enjoy your week boys and girls.  March Break will be here before we know it!

Posted: February 22, 2011

I am so proud to announce that the students of Grade 5TH are officially 100 days smarter!  In celebration, on February 24th, the students will be working with different articles within their math class.  A little birdie told me there may even be cookies!!!

Posted: February 22, 2011

Our inspiring student author, Jules K. had the opportunity today to share her work with one of Canada's Best-Selling author Peter D. Clark.  He complimented her work and gave her the encouragement that she can follow her dream and made it real to her.  Way to go Jules, we are all very proud of you and all your hard work!

Posted: February 22, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope you are all set for our valentine exchange and little party to celebrate the season.  I know I am excited for the celebration after all your hard work last week.Tuesday I will be away for a science in-service, but I will be excited to come back and share what I learned with all of my class.  Tuesday is also Flag Day so we are encouraged to wear red and white to celebrate our nation's colors and pride.  There will be an assembly in the gym that morning to recognize the countries flags and their origin.  I am sure the students will all love to learn about the provinces flags.Enjoy your week, and work hard!
What a week we have in store for us!!!  I can't wait for Monday to come so it can all begin!First thing on Monday morning we head out for MVHS pool for the student to take their lesson in paddling from Mr. McKinnon.  Please make sure that your child brings a bagged lunch, a bathing suit, towel and a water bottle.  The bus will be leaving the school promptly at 8:40, so don't be late!  I cannot wait to see my students participating in this event!We will be starting full force into our english program and I am positive that they will love what is in store for them.Thursday I will be away at a meeting at the District Office, but I am sure they will be left in great hands.  Friday is always lots of fun with our Reading Buddies and Fun Friday.Let the games begin!

Posted: January 30, 2011

I sure hope that all my students took advantage of the amazing weather that we had on the weekend!  It sure was a great one.  The end of January already, and we have a fun-filled week to start the month of February off with a bang.Tuesday is the big day that we will be starting our first day of testing for our Provincial assessment in the Intensive French.  Wednesday we are very fortunate to have a guest speaker coming to inform our students on "Free the Children."  I am certain that all my students will greatly benefit from their presentation.Thursday if all goes well, I will be taking the students to the rink again for their Physical Education class from 2-3pm.  I know how much they all enjoy this activity, and I love seeing them happy.  It will be a great reward from a hard week of work.I look forward to enjoying another week with my super class!

Posted: January 25, 2011

Another week has come and gone, and we are now nearing the crunch time.  Soon, we are going to have our provincial test and I want to make sure my students are as prepared as possible.This week we will be working hard on some demand writing pieces in french.  The students are conditioned to write their paragraphs using my models, but during their testing, they are not going to have this opportunity.  Due to these circumstances, I have to prepare the students in this manner before the big day.Mme Tobin-Forgrave will be dropping by our classroom on Friday for a visit, and to help me in the preparations for the test.  We always look forward to her friendly visits to our classroom!  Hopefully we will have a full week of school this week with no more snowstorms, so that we don't miss out on a minute of preparation time!Enjoy your week everyone!

Posted: January 19, 2011

Posted: January 18, 2011

Wow!  We are half way through the hard month of January already.  The nights already seem to be getting longer!  Now, if it would just get daylight earlier our mornings would be much easier.This week we have tons of fun planned!  First of all, Monday morning at 9:30 is skating with the Premier and our local MLA.  Then on Tuesday, MAD Science is coming to our school to give a presentation.  Next, on Thursday the class is going skating again with me for our Physical Education class from 2-3pm.  If any parents want to join us for this skate you can find us at the rink.  Finally it is Friday and then we only have one more week of the Intensive French program.  I hope you all enjoy this incredibly fun week!  I wonder what next week will bring for fun?


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