Weekly Message for May 16th-May 20th

Posted: May 17, 2011

What a crazy, lazy weather we had this weekend.  Hopefully we will have some sunshine this week at some point to purk up our spirits.  These gray skies are hard to take every day! This week we have another full week.  Monday we will be finishing up our Ancient Egypt presentaions, Tuesday we have Mr. Duplessie coming from the District Office to give us a presentation on videography for our Ancient Greece projects we are going to be working on next.  Wednesday is just a normal day, but on Thursday we will have the pleasure of Mrs. Barry in the afternoon to take us geocaching if the weather cooperates.  Friday you will have DARE again with Mrs. Donahue, Fun Friday and Reading Buddies again.  I have posted on my homepage your newest Social Studies assignment on Ancient Greece.  I am expecting these to be done mostly in class.  I want to remind everyone that it is your presentation and it should not be your parents doing the work.  I give everyone plenty of time to finish these projects in class, so come prepared to work at the school.  I am also hoping that I see many video productions this time after the great presentation that Mr. Duplessie gave today on videography.  Good luck everyone. Get lots of rest so you can enjoy this week to its fullest and so that this weather doesn't dampen your spirits.  On a positive note, once Friday is here, we have a nice long weekend.  Hopefully the sun will come out so we can enjoy it to the fullest!