Weekly Message for May 9th-13th

Posted: May 10, 2011

Hello again everyone!  Our first full week of school for a while, and it is jam packed with work...this might be a hard week! :) Monday we will be going to the computer lab for our last in-class time to work on the Social Studies projects, but I am confident that most students are almost finished their projects so I look forward to seeing them all.  Tuesday is our Intensive French day as always.  We have to try and keep our french skills sharp for next year, because you will be going all summer with no french exposure. Wednesday we will be having our Science test on our Weather unit that we have been working on for quite some time.  I have been reviewing in class and it seems like my students have it mastered...some more than others. Then, Thursday is the big day that I have been waiting for.  Egypt presentations!  I can't wait to see the presentations and have them teach me about ancient Egypt! Finally, it is Friday!  What a day we have planned for Friday!  First, we will be going to Nine Pine for the end of our food unit for Intensive French.  Then when we return to the school, we will have Mrs. Donahue come to visit us to teach the students more about self-esteem.  After lunch, it is our normal Friday routine with Reading Buddies, Fun Friday, Music and Math. I wish everyone a great week...and the count down is on to the end of the school year!!  Thirty-four more days!!!