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Now that we have our school supplies at home, I would like everyone to write a short "Thank You" letter to one of the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic we are in.  While we are safe at home, there are many New Brunswickers and Canadians that are considered "essential workers."  That means that their job is so important, they can't take a break from it.  The rest of us depend on them.  This could be a nurse, grocery store worker, postal worker, correctional officer, first responder or many other jobs that we depend on.  You probably know someone. Maybe it is even someone in your family! Here is an example of what you could write:

Dear Nurse Hallihan,

     Thank you so much for all your hard work during this pandemic.  I am so proud of you for helping all of us.  I am trying to help out by staying home, washing my hands and following the rules of social distancing.  When you go to work, I get to stay safe at home.  Some things I have been doing to stay busy are:

* playing with my brothers/sisters/pets

*helping out at home by making my bed and washing the dishes

*getting lots of fresh air outside playing on my trampoline and bicycle.

     You are a hero and we will never forget how brave you were.

                                                                                                                    Thank you,

                                                                                                                    Jennifer Hallihan


Posted: August 30, 2016

Welcome to Grade 5!  We have a very exciting year planned for both students and parents.  Please check in weekly to this blog for photos, news items and videos of our learning activities! Mme Jen

Posted: September 4, 2015

Welcome back to school and into Grade 5!  I have lots of fun things planned for us this year!  Some of these include our year-end Banquet to celebrate your years of Elementary and lots of leadership roles as the oldest students in Elementary!  I will be sending notes home soon with students asking for some pictures for our slide show at the end of the year.  Also, don't forget that there is no snack cart or cafeteria available on Tuesday.  Students can buy their lunch and snack beginning Wednesday.  Have a great long weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday :)Mme Jen 

Posted: May 7, 2015

On Wednesday, May 20th K-5 students will be travelling to J.M.H. to see the production of "Mary Poppins".  We will be leaving the school by 8:40am and returning before 2pm. Grade 5 students will be eating at Dixie Lee.  Please check you child's agenda for a list of meals available and their price.  It should be a supercalifragilisticexpialidotious time!!Mme Jen

Posted: April 7, 2015

To end our unit on food, we will be travelling to Trio Pizza on Tuesday, April 21st.  During this unit students have made menus, written recipes and read and wrote about all things food!  I will be sending a menu home from Trio next week. The menu will be in French, but your child will be able to help you to understand. Together with your child you can choose a "combo" for your child to order in French.  If they do not want to order food, they are welcome to bring a snack or lunch with them to eat at Trio. We will be leaving at 10:20 and returning between 11:30-12:00.                                          Mme Jen

Posted: March 11, 2015

I hope everyone had a great March break!  We have a new member of our classroom "family".  Mme Mindy will be doing her practice teaching with us for the next 8 weeks.  We are very lucky to have her!This month we will be learning about food.  Students will make menus and learn how to order at a restaurant in French.  Also, we will be reading and writing about our favorite, and not so favorite foods!  At the end of the unit, students will be making a trip to Trio to order in French, using French menus.Have a great week!Mme Jen

Posted: December 5, 2014

Christmas dinner will be this Tuesday.  Cost is $6.  Students can pay me that morning. Mme Jen

Posted: December 5, 2014

Monday morning at 10:20 am we will be travelling by bus to Trio Pizza.  Students have already ordered in French from me using a French menu.  Students should bring their money that day and will pay themselves.  If there is a snow day on Monday, we will move the trip to Thursday. Mme Jen

Posted: October 24, 2014

This week students have been working in groups creating a "dream home" or "une maison de rêve."  They have very interesting ideas, including a pool filled with bacon and an elevator to the moon! Next week will be another busy one.  On Tuesday afternoon we will be going geocaching with Mr. Savoy.  On Thursday morning, students will be watching the movie "Hotel Transelvania" with the other Grade 5 class.  Thursday afternoon students will be participating in a "theme day" like we did last year with apples and Christmas.  The them this week is Halloween.  Classes will be moving to 5 differnt teachers during the afternoon, participating in various activities involving Math, Science, Art and Reading.  Friday morning our class will be helping the younger classes as they have their theme day.  Friday afternoon will be class as "normal."  Well, as normal as it can be with us all dressed up for Halloween!  Students can wear their costumes to school that day.  No masks are allowed in the halls, but they can wear them in our class. Mme Jen

Posted: October 24, 2014

Grade 5 students will be going geocaching on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 28th, 2014.  The rain date will be the following Tuesday.

Posted: October 24, 2014

October 21st, 2014 Grade 5 Parents, We are very excited to tell you that again this year, our Grade 5 students will be having an Elementary Graduation Banquet.  It will be held in the cafeteria of our school on Tuesday, June 9th in the evening. (Time to be announced)  Students will be allowed to bring 2 guests with them to the banquet.  We have a lot of exciting things planned for the banquet.  There are a few things that we need you, the parents, to help with to make this banquet a success. ·        Please send in 3 pictures of your child. o   A baby picture o   A picture from primary (Kindergarten-Grade2) o   A picture of them in Grade 5 These pictures do not have to be professionally done.  They can be silly, funny or cute J I will scan them and send them back home. Please have these in by Friday, November 14th. ·        We will be having a bake sale this month to raise money for our banquet.  This will be held on Wednesday, November 19th.  Please send treats that can easily be sold individually. ( cookies, cupcakes, squares, candy, etc..) cakes and pies can be sold if they are individually wrapped. We will be having some more fundraisers over the next few months. We want the students this year to have all the benefits that last year’s Grade 5 enjoyed. Thank you for all your support. Mme Jen/Mrs. Keenan

Posted: September 9, 2014

Dear Parents of 5H,             We are having a wonderful year so far in Grade 5.  We have only been here a week, but students are amazing me with how much French they are learning already!  Each week we will be having Art class.  With the help of Pinterest, I am trying to come up with some interesting, fun projects J. I am asking parents to send in: Q-tips (small baggie full) Empty toilet paper rolls Empty paper towel rolls Old buttons Please do not buy any of these items just for our class.  I have some supplies here for students that don’t bring them in.  I would like each student to have one toilet paper roll for next Tuesday. The other items can be brought in over the next few weeks. Thank you for you help,     Mme Jen

Posted: September 4, 2014

Thursday, September 11th will be our "Meet the Teacher" night.  Parents are welcome to come meet myself and Mrs. Keenan from 6:00-7:00.  There will be a dessert buffet afterwards!

Posted: September 4, 2014

Welcome students and parents to Grade 5!  I know that we are going to have a wonderful year!  If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at the school 843-2900, or contact me by email:
Students will begin working in groups this week on a power point presentation.  The presentation will be on physical and chemical properties.  The project should include the following: Page 1-  A title page "Physical and Chemical Changes in Materials" - with the names of all members Page 2 - The properties of physical changes Pages 3-12- An example of a physical change with an image to help explain. (10 examples, 1 per page) Page 13- The properties of chemical changes Pages 14-23 - An example of a chemical change with an image to help explain (10 examples, 1 per page) Page 24- A concluding page