Ms. J. Hallihan

To end our unit on food, we will be travelling to Trio Pizza on Tuesday, April 21st.  During this unit students have made menus, written recipes and read and wrote about all things food!  I will be sending a menu home from Trio next week. The menu will be in French, but your child will be able to help you to understand. Together with your child you can choose a "combo" for your child to order in French.  If they do not want to order food, they are welcome to bring a snack or lunch with them to eat at Trio. We will be leaving at 10:20 and returning between 11:30-12:00.                                          Mme Jen

I hope everyone had a great March break!  We have a new member of our classroom "family".  Mme Mindy will be doing her practice teaching with us for the next 8 weeks.  We are very lucky to have her!

This month we will be learning about food.  Students will make menus and learn how to order at a restaurant in French.  Also, we will be reading and writing about our favorite, and not so favorite foods!  At the end of the unit, students will be making a trip to Trio to order in French, using French menus.

Have a great week!

Mme Jen

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