Ms. J. Hallihan

Bonjour!  As we get closer to Christmas holidays, we have lots of exciting activities for students.  This morning they had an interactive presentation from a member of CPAWS to talk about biodiversity and the environment.

On Friday, December 14th, all Grade 5 students will be travelling to MVHS for canoeing.  We have done this for several years, and  it is always a great success.  On Friday students will need:

-An appropriate bathing suit (they can wear a t-shirt and shorts over the bathing suit if they are more comfortable)

-Drinks and lunch for the day.  There are no microwaves there, so something that doesn't need to be heated up.

-A towel

Next Tuesday, December 18th will be our Christmas Concert.  It will be at 9am in the gym.  Our students are very excited to present our 2 songs and to play the recorder.


It was another busy week in Grade 5!  We are finishing up our unit on "La famille étendue" by thinking of wild and wacky ideas for our dream home.  Also, we have been incorporating halloween activities all week.  Next Tuesday, please send a pumpkin with your child.  It can be as small or as large as you wish.  We will be decorating these as a post-reading activity for one of our books.  On Wednesday, children can bring their costumes with them to school.  They will be changing into them after lunch.

Have a fun, safe weekend!

This week, Sept.24-Sept.28 is Anti-Bullying week at Blackville School.

We will be having classroom discussions and activities throughout the week.

Wednesday will be Pink T-Shirt Day.

Friday will be Blue and Gold Day.

Our first few weeks of school have flown by!  We have been busy reviewing the basics of conversational French.  We are now moving on to have students describe themselves, and others.  Also, we are talking about our families.  Over the next few weeks students will see a big change in what they are able to do.  As it is I am only speaking in French all day, and students always know what we are supposed to be doing.  That is quite impressive for only 2 weeks in! 

Have  a great week,

Madame Jen

Welcome to Grade 5!  I hope that everyone had a fun, safe summer.  Things are going to be a little different for students in Grade 5 students.  For the first half of the year, until the end of January, one class of Grade 5 students will be with me following the Intensive French Program, while the other class will be with Mrs. Manderville following a compacted version of the regular Grade 5 program.  At the beginning of February we will switch classes.   I am very excited to have the chance to teach all of the Grade 5 students.  See you on the first day of school!

Mme Jen

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