Ms. J. Hallihan

Students will begin working in groups this week on a power point presentation.  The presentation will be on physical and chemical properties.  The project should include the following:

Page 1-  A title page "Physical and Chemical Changes in Materials" - with the names of all members

Page 2 - The properties of physical changes

Pages 3-12- An example of a physical change with an image to help explain. (10 examples, 1 per page)

Page 13- The properties of chemical changes

Pages 14-23 - An example of a chemical change with an image to help explain (10 examples, 1 per page)

Page 24- A concluding page

Every year our district holds the CUTE Awards. (Creative Use of Technology).  Our class submitted 2 projects, and both were chosen as finalists. 

The Apple Project - Andrea Lynch, Anna Sturgeon and Whitney Tucker

Holiday Fun - Keaton Walls, Kiara McEvoy, Asia Duffy and Whitney Tucker

It was the first time I had been to the CUTE Awards, and I was amazed!  The talent in our district is something we should all be proud of.  I was very proud that in the Photo Essay category, 2 of the finalists in the entire district were from our class.  This category takes in all of Anglophone North at all levels.  Do we rock?  Oui. 

We had our Science Fair last week.  It was judged by 2 of our High School Science teachers.  A huge thanks to Trudy Underhill and Chris Norton for taking the time to help us.  The following were the 6 groups chosen to represent our school at the District STEM Fair:

Slurps Up - Caleb Gillespie and Hayden Jardine

Greasy Chips- Andrea Lynch

Which Freezes Faster?- Marcus Laviolette

The Bouncing Egg- Jacob Bell and William Schofield

Which Oil Breaks Down Faster? - Andrew Jardine and Desmond Curtis

The Egg Drop- Landon Coughlan and Preston Gillepie


Honourable Mentions go to:

Ryan Moody of Grade 4D

Amber Walls and Amy Walls of Grade 3/4 M

Gabriella Munn of Grade 3M

The ASD-N STEM Fair for all k-5 students has been moved to Thursday, April 10th.  This event will take place at Gretna Green from 9-12.  Deadline for Submission is Tuesday, April 8th at noon.
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