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Posted: June 14, 2018

8DU Homeroom

Field Trip Monday departure at 7:30 am sharp from the school returning after 4pm. We will be at the sports dome for 2 hours and the mall for 1 1/2 before returning home. 

Grade 6 and 7 will get Trio for lunch Monday. 

Cafeteria closed Monday and Tuesday next week. (no scack cart) 

No walking or driving a bike to school on the last day of school. All students must be picked up by a parent or go home on the bus (unless designated as a walker). 

Science 7G 

We started an open book assesment today. Students did not need to study and were aloud all thier notes and a text book. This will take two days to complete. 


We are working on a autobiography and slide show. This will take this week and all available time next week. 

8DU and 8DA

We are still working at describing important people. We will move on to reserching where we were born and making posters about this. We will be working on this unit all of next week. 


Posted: June 11, 2018

Please use the following link to see the banquet pictures from last Thursday night. 



Posted: June 10, 2018

8DU Homeroom

·       Reminder about the Grade 8 field trip on Monday June 18th. The bus will be leaving the school at 7:30 am and returning sometime between 4:00 pm and 4:30pm. We will be at the Moncton Sports Dome from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and will eat Pizza from Greco there. After we will be heading to the Chaplain Mall for 1 ½ to hours to allow students to free time to shop and browse and heading home sometime around 2:00pm. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and maybe some light snack for the drive. Everything is paid for and students are not required to bring money unless they want to.

·       Reminder about dress code. The nice weather is coming and students and parents are reminded that the school has a dress code that applies to all Middle School Students.  The weather is changing everyday so it is a good idea to dress in layers as Middle School goes outside daily.

·       BIG THANK YOU to all Middle School Students who helped clean up the school grounds this week, it is very much appreciated by all. Thank you for the great job!

·       Middle School Awards Day June 20th @ 9:00 am.



We are working on posters about someone who means something to you. Students will describe the person and write a paragraph about as well as draw a picture of their important person. We will then move on to talk about memories they made in Middle School. 


We will be doing a good copy of an autobiography we have been writing the last two weeks. Once we are finished we will be reading a book about a famous Canadian and why they are important. Students will then move on to researching a famous Canadian next week.

7G Science

We are still working our way through mixtures and solutions and all test marks were handed back on Tuesday. We will be having another test Monday of net week. This will be in the form of an in class assignment that requires no at home study.

Posted: May 23, 2018

PDF icon mixtures_unit.pdf3.64 MB

Posted: May 23, 2018

8DU Homeroom

 Please return Banquet invitations and money. Students received these last week and they are due tomorrow.

 Coffee House May 29th 6:30 to 8:30. Cost is $5.00 at the door for adults (Complimentary coffee and tea with admission price) and $3.00 for students (no tea or coffee). Canteen on site all items (pop, water, juice and sweets) all items$1.00. Proceeds go to grade 8 trip and music program.

 ****Participation is mandatory for grade 8 students, they must attend coffee house to go on grade 8 trip****

 Grade 8 Banquet 6-7pm

 Dance June 7th 7-9:00 pm

 Grade 8 trip June 14th 7:30 am departure time.



 Working on an autobiography



 Working on a Biography



Reading a book on publicity.



7G Science


Worked on review today we will be moving on to new material tomorrow. Please see below for review and chapter notes.




Science Review

Test Tuesday May 29th



Terms: Matter, Properties, Mixture, Mechanical mixture, Solution, Pure substance, Dissolving, Insoluble, Soluble.


Know the difference between heterogeneous and homogenous mixtures and be able to identify them.

Be able to explain particle theory.

Be able to identify the following items: solute, solvent in a mixture.

Know the difference between physical and chemical change.

Be able to explain how hard water effects the use of water.

Understand distillation (the process) and how it relates to particle theory.  


Please see attached notes for the entire chapter.

Posted: May 17, 2018



May 21st - no school

May 30 - half day

Please return Grade 8 Banquet Tickets by May 24th.


Archery practice Tuesday May 22nd after School


Archery Competition Thursday May 24th @ 12:00 pm @ Max Aitken Academy (any students participating must find their own transportation).


Grade 8 Trip June 18th @ 7:30 am.




Currently working on an autobiography and we will moving on to a biography next week.  We will also be reading a book in class next week.




We will finishing reading a book tomorrow and move on to Biography next week.




We are currently working on a publicity unit. We are working on publicities for animals today and Friday in class. The students are creating an item for an animal and making a commercials or adds for it. For example a hat for a cat.


7G Science


We are currently working on Particle Theory and Distillation.  We have taken notes and working on assignments the past few days. Students will be given a review on Tuesday and will be tested the following Monday May 28th. Any new material discussed next week will not be on the tests.

Please see attahed notes from the chapter/unit. 

Binary Data mixtures.notebook2.28 MB
PDF icon mixtures2.pdf3.64 MB

Posted: May 1, 2018


May 2nd – Lazer Tag @ 6:15 to 9:00 pm $3.00 at the door.


May 3rd – No school


May 4th – No school


May 21st – No school Victoria Day


May 30th – Half Day




8DU & 8DA


All grade 8’s are reminded that they need to submit their ticket money as soon as they sell all the tickets.


Café Night is May 16th participation is mandatory in order to go on the grade 8 end of the year field trip.  You must be present and participate at Café night to go on the trip.




Currently getting ready to wrap up extreme sports. We will be working on a debate this week and next week then moving on to the next unit.




We are working on publicity and how it negatively effects the consumer. We will be discussing name brands and why we buy them on Wednesday. Students will be writing a paragraph on the topic next week.


7G Science


We are currently working on Mixtures and Solutions. This week we are looking at solvents and soluble. Students will take some notes on concentrated solutions as well. Today and tomorrow we will be working on questions 1-4 on p. 125.

The chapter notes have been attached as some students were absent throughout this unit

PDF icon mixtures1.pdf2.42 MB

Posted: April 10, 2018

Report Cards came home today, please sign and return to homeroom teacher.

April 11th popcorn orders due

April 12th Jersey Day

April 12th Hat Day $1

April 12th Parent Teacher 4:00pm to 6:30 pm

April 13th Parent Teacher 9:00am to 11:00am



We will be doing presentations and writing a paragraph on an extreme sport.


We will be presenting advertisements and discussing the negative effects of publicity.

7G Science

Test on Earthquakes, Volcano and Mountains on Monday April 16th review is listed below.

Today we began a new unit on mixtures and solutions.

Review                                                     Test Monday April 16th.


Definitions: Earthquakes, seismograph, richter scale, magnitude

Volcano, erupts, vents, dormant, tectonic plate, earthquake, mountain, 


Know why earthquakes occur.

Know where Volcanoes form?

Know Fold Mountains formation?

Difference between old and new mountains.

Be able to compare the layer of the earth to an egg?

Be able to label the diagram on p.338 with temps not km

Posted: March 25, 2018

Posted: March 25, 2018


District Stem Fair

 Congratulations to the students from 4H (Avery, Rayanna, Danica, Ayden and Tyson) and 7G (Olivia, Tessa and Chloe) who participated in the District Stem Fair. They had a great day and really enjoyed themselves.  

 Blackville students Rayanna Beach, Olivia Donahue, Avery Donahue, Tyson Burns and Danika Mullin tied for top Arcade Game. “Shoot” was a target game that required you to shoot a homemade stationary bow and arrow or use a slingshot to shoot a ball at a 10, 20 and 30 point target. It was a big hit with all who played.

 Chloe Hambrook’s group and Tessa Munn’s group also received honorable mentions for their games as well.

 All students had amazing ideas and really fun games to play!

 A BIG final Congratulations goes out to Rayanna Beach who took home a silver medal in the overall grade 3-5 category for her project “Dancing Wire”.




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