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Posted: March 2, 2018

Posted: March 2, 2018


7G Science

7G is reminded to work on STEM Fair projects over the break. You should do your experiment and record any results. Be creative, take photos or videos. We will work on your poster board and report after the break.


Have a great March Break!

Posted: February 28, 2018


Friday Winter Carnival Activities 


Pancake breakfast 1st period. 

Outside Activities in the afternoon (sliding, snow races etc). Please dress accordingly (ski pants, hat and mittens). 

Mini stick hockey games in the afternoon anyone who wants to play please bring your mini hockey sticks to school on Friday. 

The cake auction has been postponed and will take place after the break. 

Posted: February 23, 2018

Change to Theme Days for Winter Carnival


Monday - Dress to Impress

Tuesday - Twin Day

Wednesday - Pink Day (Bully Awareness Day)

Thursday - Eagle Pride Day

Friday - PJ Day


March 1st – BIG CRUNCH


7G Science




Students were assigned STEM Fair projects this week. They should be ready to start working in class on Tuesday. It is not necessary to have all material but they need to have something to start working with (Bristol Board or supplies or materials to start testing). Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will all be work periods for science STEM Fair Projects. Students will have all of March break and few days after the break to complete projects.


Monday we will be doing an open book Assignment on Chapter 10 Rocks, Minerals and Soil. Students are encouraged to read their notes over this weekend to prepare.




Physical activity paragraphs are due Monday for each class. We are starting Extreme Sports during Monday’s class.  



We are completing invention paragraphs today any students who are not finished are asked to complete for next Wednesday’s class.   



Posted: February 20, 2018


All Middle School students are reminded to return their lotto fundraisers.


Please remember no steel toe shoes/boots at school


Feb 23rd is Jersey Day


Feb 28th is pink shirt day and a half day for students.




Both classes will be working on paragraphs about physical activity and risqué associated with them. Good copies will be completed this week and we will moving on to extreme sports and why they consider a sport extreme.




We are working on good copies of paragraphs this week all paragraphs should be done by end of Wednesday class. Anyone not finished will have until the following Wednesday to complete on their own time.


7G Science


We will be finishing up Chapter 10 today and tomorrow. A quiz will be assigned this week on chapter 10 materials. The review will be posted later this week.




Each student will be required to do a stem fair project this year. Students were given a packet today with what needs to be completed. Students will have Wednesday’s period to research ideas and what they might like to test. I am encouraging students to think outside the box and come up with something new for their project. Here are a few websites to help get the ideas flowing.


Students will be given time the week before March break to work on projects in class. All projects will be due the Tuesday after March break.


PDF icon science_notes_ch._10.pdf6.19 MB
PDF icon scietific_method.pdf228.24 KB

Posted: February 2, 2018


SCHOOL SUPPLY ALERT!!!! Students are running low on paper and pencils please check with your child to see if they may need anything. New term started yesterday, it is a good chance to re-stock.


Important Dates


February 19th Family Day (no school)


February 23rd Jersey Day


February 28th PD day (half day for students)


February 29th Pink Shirt Day


****Important Reminders: ****


Middle School students are not to travel to and from school with high school students.


No steel toe boots at school.


Winter snow boots must be changed upon arrival and after outdoor recess every day.


No Peanut products @ school


If school activities are taking place after 4:00 pm students must go home and come back Ex: practice or a game at 4:30 pm. Students are not permitted to at school unsupervised.


 8DU and 8DA PIF


8DA had their last day in the lab yesterday any students who did not finish their magazine yesterday are responsible to come in at lunch (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) until all work is complete.


8DU has one more day in the lab and anyone not finished on Monday will have to come in at lunch (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) until all work is complete.




 Today students worked on good copy of their paragraphs. Today will be the last class day and they will be due next class Wednesday February 7th 2018.


7G Science


Today we took notes on rocks and minerals and did a small activity of sorting. We will continue to look at the Dichotomous key on Monday and complete another short activity. Those students who were absent are responsible for today’s notes and catching up on their own time. The notes are attached below.


PDF icon science_notes_friday_and_monday.pdf901.21 KB

Posted: February 1, 2018

New Semester starts today for Middle School

8DU will have Mr. Norton for Science

8DA will have Mr. Johnston for Social Studies

7G will have Ms. Duffy for Science

6O will have Ms. Davidson for Social Studies

6L will switch to Social Studies with Mr. Lehnert  

All other classes stay the same.


Important Dates:

Tomorrow is BHS Eagle Pride day please wear your school clothing or blue and gold?  



Family Day Feb 19th (No School)

Jersey Day Feb 23rd

Half Day Feb 28th


8DU and 8DA

We are finishing up our magazine project any students who did not complete will be responsible for coming in at lunch during their own time (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday) to finish.







Working on good copy of paragraph on the invention of the telephone.


7G Science

Introduced the new Unit today and completed a journal


Posted: December 11, 2017


8DU and 8DA


Both classes are writing a magazine and will be in the lab typing an interview this week.




We will finish presenting our projects Wednesday and be reading a book Thursday and Friday.




We are beginning to discuss birds and what adaptations they have to fly these are the notes for today and tomorrow.


PDF icon notes_dec_11.pdf463.51 KB

Posted: December 5, 2017

Variety Show tonight @ 6:30 pm. Admission is 5 for adulta and 3 for kids. 

Middle School Dance 7-9pm in cafeteria 

8DA & 8DU 

We are currently working on an interview. The class will spend this week asking each other questions for thier "Revue Pour Ados". 


We will be working on a research project and presenting our findings this week. 

6O Science 

We will be taking notes all week and working on the four forces flight and completing an in assignment this week. See attached notes for this week. 


PDF icon notes_-_dec.pdf439.99 KB


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