Mrs. J. Underhill

Students received their exam outlines today. They received their guidelines for the cheat sheet as well. Students worked on the cheat sheet today in class and then handed it in. Tomorrow I will give them time to work on it again, then I will collect it and they will not get it back until the day of the exam. It is to be used a guide only during their exam.

The exam is scheduled for next Friday, January 23, therefore, students have plenty of time to prepare for it.

Students began working on the final project for OMAM yesterday. Groups were picked and characters assigned. Students are well on their way with these projects.

The due date is Friday, January 16 (including Friday's class).


I handed out the chapter questions for chapter 4 today. Please finish these up for homework tonight.

I also handed out all of the vocabulary words you will be responsible to study for the exam. I have uploaded the word list below.

PLEASE study the vocabulary words from chapters 1-3 TONIGHT because there will be a short test on these and the events of chapters 1-3 in class tomorrow.

Well, the assessment time is approaching very quickly! Students will be writing the ELPA on Monday, January 19 and Tuesday, January 20. Students began working on the various mock assessments we have for practice purposes. We will continue this preparation work for the next 8 classes, so there will be a very limited amount of homework for the students to complete during this time.

We listened to chapter 3 of OMAM today. We will listen to chapter 4 tomorrow and then work on assigned work for chapters 3 and 4.

I have attached the answers to WW2 chapter 3 section questions below.

I have also placed it in the document section to the right.

1. Finish questions for chapters 1 and 2 from OMAM

2. Read chapter 3 - OMAM

Please complete the Schindler's List assignment for Friday, December 19.

This is the powerpoint presentation we watched today in class (for anyone not in class) on John Steinbeck and Of Mice and Men

We began the novella, Of Mice and Men, today.

Please finish reading to the end of chapter 2 for tomorrow.

We will be working on these chapters tomorrow. I have uploaded the questions for these chapters below.

Please feel free to get a headstart on these if you wish.

The answers to WWII section 2 questions have been uploaded under the Documents section (to the right). Please use feel free to print these off for studying purposes.

Reminder...Literature Circle projects are all due on Friday.

Students received the questions for section 2 of the World War 2 chapter in class today.

Please have these questions completed for Thursday (even if tomorrow is a storm day).

I have uploaded the questions below and in the Documents section to the right of this page.

Good news...the due date for the Literature Circles has been moved to Friday, December 12.

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