Mrs. J. Underhill

Please have your Hamlet Soliloquy Assignment finished for Tuesday.

Please finish all questions for Sections 1 and 2 for the World War II chapter.

We will go over these answers in tomorrow's class.

Today, students received their final project outline for The Outsiders unit.

These are due April 27 - students will have some time in class to work on these but they may need to do a bit of shopping in order to prepare for their work periods.

Please see the guidelines below to see what the expectations are.

We began the chapter on World war II today. We read thrugh the first ection on pages 572-577.

HOMEWORK - Please copy your defintions for WW2 on page 573 for tomorrow.

If you wish, you can copy and complete the questions on page 578 too.  :)

Please finish chapter 8 sequencing worksheet from The Outsiders.

Students wrote a test for Act 1 today. If you missed it, be prepared to write it tomorrow at lunch.

1. Please finish the good copy of your collage - answer the questions from Part 2 of the assignment in paragraph form (you already have the draft copy completed). Please edit your good copy and re-write it, fixing any errors. Then you must attach the good copy of your paragraph to the bottom of your collage and hand this into the appropriate marking basket.

2. Please finish the worksheet attached below - read the directions and try to complete the sheet without using your novel. After your first attempt, you may use your novel to help you with the answers (hint, some may be from chapter 8 :) .


Please finish up your collage from the Identity assignment and complete the draft copy of your paragraph from Part 2.

I have attached this assignment below.

STUDY for your Outsiders Test on chapters 1-6. This will be done in tomorrow's class.

1. Please finish the vocabulary sheet for Act 1 for tomorrow - you will need to use your text and a dictionary to find the meanings.

2. Also, please finish the questions for Act 1 to the end of scene 2.

* All handouts are attached below.

You will be having a test on Act 1 and 2 on Tuesday.

Students received their World War 1 Unit project yesterday. We will be working on these for the next two weeks. I have uploaded the quidelines and details for the project below.

DUE DATE - April 13

Students are working on The Outsiders Identity Assignment. We will contiue to work on these during class today and tomorrow. These will be due at the beginning of class on Thursday.

THURSDAY - students will write a test on chapters 1-6 from The Outsiders. Please review the events from these chapters for the test.

Please finish your good copy of your own Bio-poem for MONDAY. We will be collecting both the Ponyboy Bio-poem AND your Bio-poem at the BEGINNING of class on MONDAY!!

All Red Baron assignments must be emailed or brought to me by 8:30 on Monday morning. We will be starting a big assignment on WW1 in class on Monday so there will be no more class time given for the Red Baron project.

Please finish the draft copy of your own bio-poem for tomorrow. If you are not in class tomorrow, you will be responsible to have the good copy of your bio-poem finished for Monday.

Please finish Ponyboy Bio-poems for homework.

The Red Baron assignment is due Thursday, March 26

For those not in class tomorrow and/or Thursday, this is the work you will be responsible for:

1. Weapons Assignment - uploaded to March 10 homework

2. "The Lost Battalion Assignment" - uploaded below

3. Copy the map on page 536 - label showing the Central Powers, Allies, and Neutral Powers.

Please complete the World War 1 Weapons assignment for tomorrow.

1. Students will have a little test on The Outsiders - chapters 1-3 tomorrow.

I read chapters 1and 2 before the break aloud to the students and I read chapter 3 today in class. Some of you may need to review chapters 1 and 2 tonight...

2. Please complete the quick write for chapters 2and 3 for tomorrow - students had about 20 minutes in class to get a really good start on this. I have uploaded the quick write below.

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