Mrs. J. Underhill

History 113 – Work for February 21, 2014

     1.     Read section 1 of chapter 26.

     2.    Copy definitions on page 533.

     3.    Copy and complete section 1 questions on page 537.

Fill in the blank map of Europe 1914 – handed out to you in class today - use the map on page 536 to help you.

1. Finish chapters 1-3 vocabulary worksheet.

2. Read to the end of chapter 4.

1. Finish conflict worksheet from chapter 3

2. Please finish Tuff Talk #3

Test on chapter 25 - Italian and German Unification - is tomorrow. Study your test outline and your notes.

Chapter 25 test will be Thursday, February 20.  All students worked on their test outlines in class today.

All students should be at the end of chapter 3 of The Outsiders by now.

Students completed a quiz on chapters 1-3 today. We will complete a worksheet on the conflicts discussed in chapter 3 in tomorrow's class.

We finished chapter 25 today. Students worked on the Section 2 questions on page 528. Some students also began the chapter review. I handed out the notes for the chapter and the test outline. These have been uploaded below.

***TEST on chapter 25 will be next Thursday, February 20.

1. All Letter Assignments are due ASAP. PLease email your letters to me for printing purposes.

2. Students received a new assignment today. You have to create a found poem using words and phrases from the novel. The assignment has been uploaded below. These are due Wednesday, 19. Please type your poem up, be creative and practice your delivery as you will be sharing your poems with your mates. :)

Read to the end of chapter 3 for homework.

1. Students worked on the chapter 3 questions in class - please finish these up for homework.

2. Students received the letter writing assignment in class today as well. We will work on these during the next couple of classes.

* For this assignment, you will write a letter to the couple George and Lennie want to buy the house from. Please follow the business letter format from the attachment below.

* If you were not at school today, I have uploaded the assignment for you. Please finish the chapter 3 questions, if at all possible.

1. All Tuff versus Tough Assignments are due by tomorrow's class.

* Please be sure to have your posters creatively coloured and the write-up/explanation attached to it before you pass it in.

2. Make sure all Tuff Talk #2 are finished for tomorrow as we will be sharing some of these responses with each other.

3. Please make sure you have read to the end of chapter 2 for tomorrow as well.

We read chapter 3 today in class, so if you were not here, be sure to read it for tomorrow.

Also, all Bunkhouse assignments must be passed in by tomorrow's class.

Industrial Revolution Test is tomorrow, Tuesday, February 11. Please study your test outline and your map of Canada and the continents.

We have finished up chapter 19 on the Industrial Revolution.

This is a list of work we are working on:

1. Make sure your Child Labor Assignments have been emailed to me.

2. Copy and complete section 4 questions page 412

3. Copy and complete chapter review questions on page 414

***The test on the Industrial Revolution will be Tuesday, February 11.

Please finish your character portraits tonight.

Please email your completed Child Labor During the Industrial Revolution Assignment to me ASAP.

My email address is:


Copy and complete questions on page 409 for tomorrow's class.

Please finish questions 1-12 for chapters 1 and 2 of the class novel Of MIce and Men.

Students continued to work on the Character Portrait assignments from yesterday. These will be due at the end of class on Monday.


Reminder - all students should have read to the end of chapter 1 in The Outsiders novel by now.

Intro Assignment for Of Mice and Men is due on Monday. Please email them to me when you have it finished.

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