Mrs. J. Underhill

Literature circle group binders and final projects are due a week from today, Wednesday, December 10!!!

Please finish the draft of your Dead Poets Society persuasive writing piece for tomorrow.

World War 1 test will be Friday, December 5.

World War 1 and Russian Revolution test will be Friday, December 5.

The outline has been uploaded below.

Students began writing a persuasive piece today. After watching Dead Poets Society, the students had to consider the following topic:

"The person responsible for the death of Neil Perry falls in the hands of Mr. Keating"

I have uploaded the assignment below.

Students will continue to work on these during tomorrow's class.

We discussed the final projects for the Literature Circles today. Students are aware that we only have 13 classes until the due date (December 10), so it is getting down to "crunch time". Most groups met and increased their work loads for the readings and role work.

We talked about the importance of staying focused and on task for the next couple weeks and students agreed that they would probably have to do some extra work at home in order to get all of the requirements finished.

I have uploaded the project guidelines below.

1.Finish Map and Castle exercises from today's class.

1. Please get your Demand Writing assignment signed (this was supposed to be done for today!!)

2. PLease finish up your Remembrance Day posters at home tonight. We will be collecting them at the beginning of class tomorrowl

I have uploaded the Quick Write for the work day. If you missed this one, please complete it in your Quick Write book (aim for at least 1 page).

Please get your Demand Writing "Three School Changes" signed for Wednesday.

**Mrs. Moody and I will be checking these at the beginning of class.

Please bring a sheet of white bristol board to class on Thursday. You will need it to complete a project we will be starting on Thursday.

Reminder: Tomorrow is "Take Your Kid to Work Day". Have a great time at work and I look forward to hearing all about it on Thursday.

1. Read pages 756-761.

2. Complete #3 and 4 in the Section 1 Questions on page 761.

Work forms for "Take your kid to work day" are NOW due!!!

Students worked on the new open-book assignment for chapter 19.

Reminder: this assignment is due Monday, November 3.

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