Mrs. J. Underhill

Tintern Abbey questions are due tomorrow. We will go over these in class and begin your work for Kubla Khan.

Just a reminder that your questions for Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey are due for Monday.

Please finish your questions for the Poem "Daffodils" for tomorrow.

Just a friendly reminder - your poetic analysis is due tomorrow. Please print it off or email it to me.

Please refer to the list of work below. Your questions must be finished for tomorrow and your analysis is for Wednesday.

Due to so many students being away to the Drama Festival and their Outdoor Pursuits climbing adventure, May 7, 8 and 11 will be work periods. I have compiled a list of work and due dates below. Those students who are here at school will be completing these things during class and those not at school will need to complete the work for the appropriate due dates.
1. Read through Blake's "The Lamb"
2. Answer question for "The Lamb"
3. Read through Blake' "The Tyger"
4. Answer the questions for "The Tyger"
5. Choose one of the above poems and complete a poetic analysis of the poem - follow the format given to you.
* Please complete a draft and edit it and type up your good copy with a formal title page.
**Due Date for both sets of questions -  Tuesday, May 12**
**Due Date for analysis - Wednesday, May 13**
I have uploaded copies of all of this work below.

Final projects are due MONDAY!!!

Just a reminder - ALL Outsiders final projects are due Monday, April 27.

Students will have the rest of the week to work on these but they should be sure to use their time wisely :)

We finished watching Enemy at the Gates today. Students began working on the assignment for the movie. Tomorrow's class will be given to work on it as well.

You can complete this in Word or PowerPoint - your choice

DUE DATE: Wednesday, April 22 - please email your work to me.

Please have your Hamlet Soliloquy Assignment finished for Tuesday.

Please finish all questions for Sections 1 and 2 for the World War II chapter.

We will go over these answers in tomorrow's class.

Today, students received their final project outline for The Outsiders unit.

These are due April 27 - students will have some time in class to work on these but they may need to do a bit of shopping in order to prepare for their work periods.

Please see the guidelines below to see what the expectations are.

We began the chapter on World war II today. We read thrugh the first ection on pages 572-577.

HOMEWORK - Please copy your defintions for WW2 on page 573 for tomorrow.

If you wish, you can copy and complete the questions on page 578 too.  :)

Please finish chapter 8 sequencing worksheet from The Outsiders.

Students wrote a test for Act 1 today. If you missed it, be prepared to write it tomorrow at lunch.

1. Please finish the good copy of your collage - answer the questions from Part 2 of the assignment in paragraph form (you already have the draft copy completed). Please edit your good copy and re-write it, fixing any errors. Then you must attach the good copy of your paragraph to the bottom of your collage and hand this into the appropriate marking basket.

2. Please finish the worksheet attached below - read the directions and try to complete the sheet without using your novel. After your first attempt, you may use your novel to help you with the answers (hint, some may be from chapter 8 :) .


Please finish up your collage from the Identity assignment and complete the draft copy of your paragraph from Part 2.

I have attached this assignment below.

STUDY for your Outsiders Test on chapters 1-6. This will be done in tomorrow's class.

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