Mrs. J. Underhill

Some students still did not get their Friendly Letters signed - please do so tonight.

ALL demand writing assignments (Three School Changes) are due at the beginnng of class tomorrow. Most students were working on their good copies at the end of class.

* The guidelines and notes for this assignment were posted in one of last weeks' postings.

Just a reminder - your Napoleon assignments are due Wednesday, Oct. 22.

Your Social Commentary Assignment for "The Doll's House" is due on Wednesday, Oct.22.

Please finish the vocabulary for "The Doll's House" and read the story.

I have uploaded the class work (with the vocabulary words) and the story for those of you not in class today.

Please follow the link below for today's class work.

Please get your friendly letters signed tonight. We will be checking them tomorrw.

Napoleon Assignments are due Wednesday, October 22.

Students started a new demand writing assignment today. We went through the five-paragraph format and I uploaded the noted from each class. The notes are quite messy but I hope they will help those who missed class. If you still need some help, just let me or Mrs. Moody know and we will go through it with you.

** Look for your class notes (9u or 9T)

We will be collecting the Quick Write notebooks on Tuesday so please be sure to have all of your quick writes completed.

I have uploaded all of the Quick Writes below in case you are missing any.


Link for Quick Write #1

LInk for Quick Write #4

Watch the Napoleon documentary we watched yesterday and today and make notes. You will share these notes with your partner on Tuesday. These notes will help you when you do your Napoleon assignment.

** I have uploaded the link to the documentary on a previous post.

Napoleon Bonaparte Assignments are due Tuesday, October 20. I have uploaded the assignment below.

All assignments for "The Ambitious Guest" are due Wednesday, October 15. I have uploaded the proper format for the title page under the document section of this webpage. Please follow the directions carefully (remember to change your line spacing to "single space").

Students read Chapter 18 - section 3 on Napoleon today and then completed the following work. Please have all of this completed for Wednesday. In tomorrow's class, students will watch a documentary on Napoleon. We will correct today's assigned work on Wednesday because some students are going out on an Outdoor Pursuits adventure tomorrow.

Read 20-30 minutes from your novels.

Finish all questions for "On the Sidewalk Bleeding".

1. We listened to "The Ambitious Guest" read aloud today - then we discussed the plot of the story.

2. Please finish the vocabulary for homework - find the sentence from the story and define the word.

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