Mrs. J. Underhill

Finish Chapter 17 Review questions for tomorrow (page 571).

Test on chapter 17 will be Tuesday, Sept.16.

Please finish all questions from the short story "The Lottery".

We will discuss these tomorrow.

**Everyone should have a novel to read by now. **

Students have been working on the Scientific Revolution chapter. We are quickly finishing up this unit and, therefore, will be having a test on Friday.

Be sure to complete your homework and read through and study your notes this week.

I will be giving the test outline tomorrow so you can work on preparing your study notes.

We have been working very hard in English 9 the last few days. Students completed a mock assessment where they worked on some reading comprehension and demand writing exercises. This has given us a better indication as to the levels the students are working at. This will help us as we prepare the students for the grade 9 literacy assessment (ELPA) they will write in January.

We will be doing various activities throughout the term to help the students improve their writing and reading comprehension skills.

More to come... :)    

Mrs. Underhill and Mrs. Moody


1. Finish reading the short story, "The Lottery"

2. Finish the vocabulary exercise.

3. Finish question #1 on the question sheet. We will finish the remaining questions in class tomorrow.

1. Complete all vocabulary and people and places work on page 538 for tomorrow.

Read through your notes and readings from today's class.

1. Study Elements of a Short Story Terms for tomorrow - test will be given in class tomorrow.

 2. Finish all work associated with the short story "Twins" on page 213 of the textbook.


1. Please try to have all of your materials by Monday:

- 3 ringed binder, lots of paper, black and blue ink pens, thesaurus, white out, USB, writing/cpmposition journal for writing, novels for reading time.

2. PLease read through and sign the contact sheet - yellow one from the office - make changes on the shett if need be.

3. Sign blue sheet sent home with students - permission to photograph.

4. Bring novel and/or materials you have at home to your locker.

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