Mrs. J. Underhill

- Exam will be written in my classroom - Wednesday, June 11 - please be on time.

- I have uploaded the outline below.

- Please be sure to read through "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" - be sure to understand the message - use the side notes and the questions on the poem to help you out.

- The exam will be written in the cafeteria on Monday, June 9 at 8:30 - please be on time!

-Please make sure you have all of your materials: pens/pencils, whiteout and your Romeo and Juliet play.

Students started their review for the exam today. They worked on a worksheet of quotes from Romeo and Juliet - these will be very useful when studying for the exam!!

Students will continue with the review in tomorrow's class.

Here is the exam outline. Students are working on completing this for the remainder of the week.

History exam will be Tuesday, June 10.

Please finish "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" questions for homework tonight.

1.Get notes from yesterday's class on The Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis - these were posted below or get them from some in the class.

2. Copy and complete questions from Section 3 in chapter 29 - The Cold War.

Please finish all questions for Blake's "the Lamb" and "the Tyger" - poems and questions were uploaded on yesterday's posting.

Yesterday and today, students worked on questions for Blake's poems, "The Lamb" and "The Tyger". For those of you not in class the past couple of days because of the fieldtrip, please read through the poems tonight so you have an idea of what the poems are about. You will need to finish the questions for Friday's class, but you may work on some of these tonight if you want to get ahead of the game :).

These are the notes some people missed today. Please be sure to copy them or print them off. You will need them for the exam!!!

**Make sure all Defiance Assignments are passed in or emailed to me.

Finish the following for tomorrow:

1. Copy definitions on page 605.

2. Copy map on page 607 - you will have to label this map on the exam.

3. Copy and complete the questions for section 1 on page 609.

Please finish up the questions for "Tintern Abbey" for tomorrow.

I have uploaded the questions below.

Please bring in $3 tomorrow for our fieldtrip to Shrek on Friday.

Holocaust Test is tomorrow!!!

The test on the Holocaust Terms Test will be Wednesday of next week (May 21). You should study these over the long weekend. I have uploaded the terms below.

Please finish all Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Comprehension Questions for Tuesday!

I have uploaded them below.

* Complete the journals entries separately for your journal.

Please finish all Romeo and Juliet Character Weather symbols Assignments for tomorrow!

Turning Point Research Papers are due on MOnday. I have uploaded the order in which your paper should be presented.

Please finish all comprehension questions for Romeo and Juliet’s Act 1

Schindler’s List Assignments must be emailed to me by 3:00 tomorrow in order to get credit for them! Please email these to me ASAP!!

Students worked on the comprehension questions for Act 1. I have uploaded the questions below. These should be finished by the end of class tomorrow.

We, also, discussed the Character Weather Symbols Assignment for Act 1. I have uploaded the notes for this below. We will only work on these AFTER students have finished the comprehension questions mentioned above.


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