Mrs. J. Underhill

Remember to follow the exam outline given the other day. Make sure you understand the plotline to Hamlet, go through the important quotes and literary devices within the play, read through your notes on the Romantic poet's we studied. DO NOT forget your copy of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Hamlet - Extra copies WILL NOT be provided for you - it is your responsibility to bring these. The exam is Tuesday morning at 8:35.

Do not forget to study your Romeo and Juliet quotes for the exam Monday morning. Have someone at home ask the quotes to you and you respond with: the speaker, to whom they are talking to and the importance/significance of the quote.

Students were given their exam outline today in class. The remainder fo the week will be focused on getting their exam prep ready. Please come to class focused and ready to work independently.

*Don't forget to bring your Hamlet book and your copy of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner to the exam with you. No extra copies will be avaiable.

Monday, June 8 - 8:35 - in the cafeteria

Tuesday, June 9 at 8:35 - Room C101

Monday, June 8 - English 9 - cafeteria

Tuesday, June 9 - Math 9 - cafeteria

Wednesday, June 10 - Science 9 OR Canadian Identity 9

* All exams start at 8:35 - be on time

Tintern Abbey questions are due tomorrow. We will go over these in class and begin your work for Kubla Khan.

Just a reminder that your questions for Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey are due for Monday.

Please finish your questions for the Poem "Daffodils" for tomorrow.

Just a friendly reminder - your poetic analysis is due tomorrow. Please print it off or email it to me.

Please refer to the list of work below. Your questions must be finished for tomorrow and your analysis is for Wednesday.

Due to so many students being away to the Drama Festival and their Outdoor Pursuits climbing adventure, May 7, 8 and 11 will be work periods. I have compiled a list of work and due dates below. Those students who are here at school will be completing these things during class and those not at school will need to complete the work for the appropriate due dates.
1. Read through Blake's "The Lamb"
2. Answer question for "The Lamb"
3. Read through Blake' "The Tyger"
4. Answer the questions for "The Tyger"
5. Choose one of the above poems and complete a poetic analysis of the poem - follow the format given to you.
* Please complete a draft and edit it and type up your good copy with a formal title page.
**Due Date for both sets of questions -  Tuesday, May 12**
**Due Date for analysis - Wednesday, May 13**
I have uploaded copies of all of this work below.

Final projects are due MONDAY!!!

Just a reminder - ALL Outsiders final projects are due Monday, April 27.

Students will have the rest of the week to work on these but they should be sure to use their time wisely :)

We finished watching Enemy at the Gates today. Students began working on the assignment for the movie. Tomorrow's class will be given to work on it as well.

You can complete this in Word or PowerPoint - your choice

DUE DATE: Wednesday, April 22 - please email your work to me.

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