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Posted: February 28, 2020

Journal #2 is due with Class Notebook in Teams or on One Note with your device!


Posted: February 26, 2020

TMO Winter Challenge... Snow Sculptures

Posted: February 26, 2020

Quiz on Intro & Ideation

Rest of the time devoted to making your prototype

Fun filled morning with...

- snowshoeing

- toboggan races

- quinzee tours

- one burner meals

- cardboard sled races

Posted: February 25, 2020

Login into

Make sure you use your schoool email for login...

Click on Teams and click on Class Notebook

After that, continue working on your project idea.

Posted: February 25, 2020

Review of Business Model Canvas and introduction to prototyping...

PDF icon entrepreneurship_110_-_feb._25.pdf121.63 KB

Posted: February 25, 2020

Tasks that need to be completed...

- one burner assignment submitted.

- recipe you are cooking needs to be printed and laminated.

- cardbaord sled needs to be completed.

- last minute carving to your Qunizee.

Posted: February 25, 2020

Be sure to use OneNote to make note of any steps and/or pics of progress done on your project!

Journal will be due on Friday

Posted: February 24, 2020

Working on project idea...


Wed, Feb 26/20 1:00 pm

Make sure you are familiar with key terms, traits of an Entrepreneur and the Business Model Canvas.


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