Week 7 Entrepreneurship 110

Posted: May 19, 2020

Weekly Tasks and Major Assignment... Be sure to go through the PowerPoint lesson on Business Plan!

Task #1 – Online Order Form

We are going to use Forms again in Microsoft Office except this time you will be creating an order form so customers can purchase online from your website.  You need to get the following information from your customer…

-         Name

-         Contact (phone number or email)

-         Product options with prices

-         Sizing (if needed)

-         Delivery/Pickup options


Here is an example that108 Wear did last year and still uses it… https://l.instagram.com/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdocs.google.com%2Fforms%2Fd%2F1uZ9foIhuETGkHOefwvYRsvdy8usDJak95mbX8YOZBrg%2Fedit&e=ATMqobudD2X7bo9MhYOd7uJHuQXFq0LA0EDRVKoZajkLb8ItyIazArCDg74_GTa1BiGsKfqqyTOJo8edTyaixiY&s=1


NOTE:  Send me this link when complete so I can add it to the BHSICE.com website.  You need to do the same on your webpage.  I have used buttons that say ‘Order Now’ and you just need to link your order form. 


Major Assignment (due May 31st) – I have attached a PowerPoint for your Business Plan, which will be worked on over the next two weeks.  I have also included a Word document for you to download with titles for each section of your business plan.  Complete the necessary sections, save it as your company name and email me the document when complete. 


Over the next two weeks, you are to work on this business plan while trying to get sales.  Your financial summary will reflect what you have accomplished up to May 31st although there is potential to keep this going if you are interested. 



Task #1 – Send me link to your order form and make sure you include this link on your webpage… the sooner the better in getting this task complete!

Major Assignment – This is not due until May 31st but has a number of sections… work on these tasks over the next two weeks.