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Posted: February 10, 2016

Per.2 Canadian Identity 9T

  • Review & Reflect p.12 #'s 1 and 3
  • Apply & Extend p.12 #'s 1 and 4 OR 5 (these last two will require some independant research at home on the internet; not much more than 10 minutes)

Visual Analysis of a Canadian Painting (due Friday, students were looking for guidance of what to include, see below)

  • Early in essay, artist should be introduced and the context of where and when the painting is of and what leads you to believe this.
  • On paragraph should explain the painting itself; what mood or atmosphere does it evoke? what elements are found in background? foreground?  Where is your eye drawn?  Why might the artist have painted it this way?
  • Subsequent paragraphs should highlight the specific elements of the painting that show/suggest a Canadian Identity.  Marks will come from how clearly you explain HOW this shows Can. Identity.
  • Remember, guidelines on how to analyse the painting can also be found on p.4 of book.

Per.3 Social Studies 8D

  • Explorations p. 11  questions 1-4

Per.4 World Issues 120


Per.5 Canadian Geography 120

  • Maps & Caps assignment due Friday, Feb.12th
  • New assignment handed out today, Module 1, Assignment 1 due: Friday, Feb.19th

Posted: February 8, 2016

Per. 2 Canadian Identity 9T:

  • Read "Musicians Reflect Canadian Identity" pp.10-12 in textbook.

Per.3 Social Studies 8D:

  • Explorations p.7 ==> #s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(b), 6
  • Read "Finding Your Way with a Topographic Map" p.10-11

Per.4 World Issues 120:

  • Article of the Week: Syria crisis: Severe malnutrition confirmed in trapped town of Madaya
  • Guidelines for article of the week were gone over in class and expectations discussed.  Normally this article would be given out on a Friday and response would be due Monday.  I am expecting this response for Wed. Feb. 10th.

Per.5 Canadian Geography 120:

  • Students took notes in class today; if absent, you will be expected to get those notes from another student or come in at lunch to get them down.
  • Map Assignment Due: Fri. Feb. 12th; ensure that you have all the needed materials and if you have any questions be sure to come to me for clarification.



Posted: January 14, 2016


Tue, Jan 19/16 9:37 am


Chapter 7: Canada at War

  • What are the general dates of the war?  Beginning à End = September of 1939 to May/August of 1945.  Different countries ‘started’ the war at different times; Canada came in Sept.10th, 1939.  Victory in Europe was May 8th, 1945 and Victory in Japan was August 15th, 1945

  • What is generally accepted as the cause of WWII? = Generally believed that the punishing conditions of the Treaty of Versailles caused the War.  It took away land from Germany after WWI and forced it to pay reparations.  Resentment existed and Germany elected a leader who promised he would rip up the Treaty of Versailles.

  • What are reparations? =

  • What is appeasement? =

  • What is conscription? =

  • What are the four phases of the war?  Dates for these?  What was going on in general at this time and what was Canada doing specifically?

    • Phase I = “The Phony War” Sept. ’39 – Jun. ‘40

    • Phase II = begins badly for Allies but by its end it was a question of when not IF they would win.  Jun. ’40 – Jul. ‘43

    • Phase III = Allies on the offensive on all fronts. Jul. ’43 – Jun. ‘44

    • Phase IV = the final phase, the final push. Starts w/ D-Day and landing at beaches in Normandy. Jun. ’44 – Sept.’45

  • Who were the Allies?  Who were the Axis powers? = Allies were Britain, France, Canada, and eventually United States and Soviet Union.  Axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

  • What was Canada’s role early on in the war?  How did this role change over time?  What caused the change?

  • Explain the significance of the following battles to the war:

    • El Alemein

    • Pearl Harbour

    • Midway

    • Stalingrad

    • Dieppe

    • D-Day Invasion

  • What was the Manhattan project?  What did it create?  What was done with that creation?  Who was involved in the Manhattan project?

  • Atomic Bombs: Where were they dropped?  How many were killed by the initial blast?  How many were killed by the radiation in the months after?  Why were these bombings controversial?

  • What is a genocide? =

  • What was the Holocaust? =

  • How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?  Were they the only target?  Where were these people killed?  What were these camps called?  What were some of the names of the camps?

  • Propaganda Posters = Be prepared to interpret and analyze one.  I will be picking one of the posters from the War Museum’s webpage.


Wed, Jan 13/16 10:52 am

Tues. Jan.13th.

Chapter 5: What is Culture? Test Review

·Be able to give a definition of culture and explain the different elements that make up culture.

·What is the difference between a genetic trait and a cultural trait?

·Know what an anthropologist is.

·What are the common characteristics that are found in all cultures according to George P. Murdock? (p.68 in textbook)

·Be able to list/describe what physical needs and emotional needs are.  Also, if given a scenario like on p.70, be ready to describe what needs are being met by that situation.

·What is the difference between material and non-material culture?  What category do values fit in?  Be ready to divide a list AND explain why you did so of cultural characteristics into material and non-material.

·What is traditional culture vs. popular culture?  Explain from where we get popular culture.  How can popular culture sometimes come into conflict or tension with our traditional culture? (eg: for First Nations, it would be popular culture to speak English but many homes still try to promote their First Nations language)

·What is an agent of socialization?  It is an institution or organization which passes culture onto the next generation.  Be prepared to list a few agents of socialization and explain how they pass on culture.

·What are three methods for resolving conflict?  Why do you think we studied those in a chapter called “What is Culture?”  

Posted: December 9, 2015


Wed, Dec 16/15 9:40 am

You can find the review in the documents tab of my webpage.

Posted: December 7, 2015

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Per. 2: Canadian Identity 9U

  • Answer Review & Reflect #'s 1 & 2 p.97

Per.3: Social Studies 8W

  • Explorations p.74; answer #s 1, 2(a,b,c), 4(a,b)  Some students are finished 1 and 4 as they did them late last week, but be sure all are done.

Per.4: Law 120

  • Reminder of test on Thur. Dec.10.  In preparation for that, below is a list of work to be ready for correcting/discussing on Wednesday.  Class time today (and tomorrow) will be used to complete this.
  • Looking Back p.214-215 = questions 1-7, 9, & 12
  • Case = R. Godoy p.216
  • Issue: National DNA Data Bank p.218-219; for #1 don't do the report part; for #2 just prepare arguments for either side of debate.

Per.5: Political Science 120

  • Students took notes and we looked at information regarding the Governor General, the Lieutenant-Governor and the roles of each individual.  No homework

Due Date: 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Posted: December 4, 2015

Test will be in following format: Multiple Choice - 15pts Fill-in-the-blanks - 10pts Matching - 5pts Short Answer - 15 points (5 questions) Essay - 5pts (1question) Case Studies - 10pts (2 cases)
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Posted: December 3, 2015


Thu, Dec 10/15 12:54 pm

Posted: November 30, 2015

   Per.2: Canadian Identity 9UReview & Reflect p.88 quest. #s 1-3Apply & Extend p.89 #s 1Per.3: Social Studies 8WReminder: TEST on Wed. Dec.1stExplorations p.72 question 1(a) and 2.  Students are to keep a diary of their activities from when they left class today until tomorrow morning.Per.4: Law 120Write a one page report describing how you would start an investigation if you were police officers.  Incorporate into your report the terms from the Key VocabularyRead section "Identifying and Collecting Physical Evidence" pp.195-201Building Your Understanding questions #s 1-6 on p.201Per.5: Political Science 120TEST: Review can be found under calendar item on right hand side of webpage.



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