Daily Home Learning Phys Ed Activities for Nov. 8 - Grade 3-5

Posted: November 8, 2021


Good morning everyone,

As per the recommendations from the package that I posted last week, I am recommending that students focus on the same planned activities that were posted for "week 2" of the soccer package which I shared on Friday.

I am posting an outline of the activities, a description of each of the activities, as well as a link to a video demonstration for each of the activities.

I am also attaching an easy-to-use Activity Log. The log recommends that each student/family sets aside 60 min per day for physical activities. 30 min of that could be dedicated to the prescribed soccer activities for the day, and then the other 30 min could be dedicated to family forms of physical activities like walks, hikes, dances, yoga, or anything else you like to do together!

Use the log to keep track of the daily activities that you participate in!


Have a great day!