Daily Home Learning Phys Ed activities for Nov. 5 - Grade 3-5

Posted: November 5, 2021


Good Morning everyone.

In keeping with the recommended activities outlined in the soccer package that I posted this week, we are going to continue on.

I will post the outlined activities for "week 2". If students are still struggling with some of the ball control concepts that were outlined in the "week 1" activities, they can continue on with those. If they seem to be progressing well, they can start trying the activities outlined for "week 2"

I have attached the outline for the activities for "week 2". If you wish to continue on with the week 1 activities you can refer back to my post from yesterday. Included today is an outline for the activities, descriptions of each activity, and a link to a video demonstration for each activity.


Have a great day!


File home_learning_soccer_-_3-5.docx1.64 MB