Week 2 Entrepreneurship 110

Posted: April 14, 2020

Tasks & Assignments ... Be sure to go through attached PowerPoint lesson on Market Research [PDF Version included if you can't open the PowerPoint presentation].

Task #1 – Create a New Business Model Cnvas

Assignment #4a – Market Research Questions

Submission... I have included both the Word and PDF versions of the task and assignment.  For those who have access to Word (can be downloaded as an App), download the each and complete. Save it as ‘Your Name – Task/Assignment #’ and attach to an email sent to Ashley.Hallihan@nbed.nb.ca .  For those who do not have access to Word, use the PDF version.  Using notes or directly in your email, answer the questions and send each through email.

Reminders…  Your new business venture should reflect our current situation.  We will begin creating our business plan next week by conducting market research.  This week your business model canvas needs to reflect an idea that would be possible as an online business.  This could include a product/service that could be viewed online, purchased through e-transfer and delivered at a set location while abiding by our social distancing rules.  This idea may involve physical fitness, food demands, mental wellness or social entrepreneurship (a later lesson where you are doing something for the greater good and not concerned with making a profit).  There must be 2 points per section of your business model canvas.  For those using word, you should be able to click on the section and type your responses.

            Your market research assignment is to make a survey to ask your potential customers. The goal is to create a survey and get a minimum of 50 responses.  You should have between 5 and 12 questions that will help you gather valuable insights into your business idea.  Think about the different questions you might ask regarding factors such as price, features, buying habits, etc… Review the Market Research PowerPoint to get some ideas.  Submit your questions along with possible answers (if multiple choice form) and email them to Ashley.Hallihan@nbed.nb.ca.  I will review your questions and provide some feedback before we move on to Assignment #4b - Creating an Online Survey.  I will provide instructions on how to create an online survey that you can share next week.  Please don’t share your survey before I have provided feedback on your questions.

Note...  I have decided to change the submission days to be anytime up to Sunday.  I will also be posting some highlights from the previous week on Wednesday’s so you can see your classmates work as well.  I do plan to respond to your work by providing you some feedback through email.  Be sure to also check out the BHS Physical Education/Wellness post as it is important to maintain your physical and mental well-being during these times (on Facebook Wellness group) as well as Mr. Strurgeon’s Teacher page.  Feel free to reach out to me through email anytime as I am here to assist you in your learning.