Busy Days

Posted: November 15, 2010

We have had a few very busy weeks!  Two weeks ago students received their report cards, and we held parent-teacher meetings.  I was glad to meet with 17 of my 27 parents.  Thank you for coming.  Those of you that could not attend, please feel free to call the school or send a note if there is anything you would like to know. Last week, we were busy preparing for the Remembrance Day Ceremony.  Students from our class contributed by singing in the choir, and 3 of our classmates read the poem "Au champ d'honneur" (In Flanders Fields in French. ) Great job Janet, Kassidy and Jaime! This week we are beginning to work on our "dream homes".  In groups of 3, students are designing their dream home using their imagination.  We are getting some great ideas!  Rooms for pet giraffes, and slides rather than stairs! Also this Thursday, we will be having our bake sale for David Wilson.  Please send treats that are easy to hand out individually. (cookies, squares, muffins, or individually wrapped pieces of cake, etc.)  I will let you know on my blog how much we raise for David! Thanks! Mme Jen.