Oct. 6

Posted: October 6, 2020


Gym: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please be sure your child has a change of clothes for gym. 

Please check your child’s agenda each day after school. There may be communications about the day, newsletters, and notices inside.  Some students still have notices from the beginning of the year in their agendas.

If your child is being picked up after school (and not going on the bus) please be sure to send a note or call the office. Without a note, students will be sent home on their regular bus. 


No School Monday October 12th (Happy Thanksgiving!)


Les Devoirs (Oct 5th to 9th)


Study List 2 

Study Multiplication Facts for 4.

Sign Math Quiz

Sign Spelling Quiz

No Math Sheet

Please see previous post for Math videos, Mots Fréquents videos.