Les Devoirs le 27 sept - 1 oct

Posted: September 26, 2021

Les Devoirs:

  • Read
  • Math Sheet (due Friday)
  • Gym Clothes
  • Sept 29th -Terry Fox - $ 1 donation
  • Sept 30th – Orange shirt day


Guided Reading: Please read your French book at least 3 nights this week. See below for video links of each book. If your child finds that I am reading too fast, you can adjust the playback speed under settings in youtube. 


La sautrelle et la fourni

Vole, Charlot, vole!

Flottez, petit bateaux !

Le cheval de bois

Le champion des avions

La petite giraffe


       Une araignée dans ma chambre

       Lisa de trop


 Math Homework: This week’s math sheet is dealing with ordering numbers and using the < > or = sign. Both grade 4 and 5 have the same sheet with different numbers.  

# 1 a-c is asking students to decided what number is larger. If students are struggling, remind them that the “PAC MAN” eats the larger number.

# 2 a-d asks that numbers be placed in order of greatest to least great (big to small).


Friendly Reminders:

·       Please send a note to school or call the office if your child is not going to home on the bus. Without a note a students will be going home on the bus.

·       Gym Clothes needed for Monday – Thursday. Students will be going outside for gym whenever possible, but Mr. Sturgeon has asked that they be prepared with clothes just in case.

·       Students in k-5 are asked to please not have cell phones during the school day. This also applies to the use of apple watches and other electronic devices.

·       Library is every Monday.

·       Students should try to have two clean masks every day. With the new COVID 19 restrictions, students have their masks on during class and may need to change masks throughout the day.

·       Please sign your child’s agenda each night.

·       Terry Fox Walk September 29th - $1 donation

·       Orange Shirt Day September 30th

·       Students have been doing well with mask wearing. They have been keeping a positive attitude and doing their best to keep their masks on. I appreciate the effort my students have been making. We have had a lot of discussion about finding a mask at home that you like and making sure it fits you properly. This is very important as we are wearing masks for most of the day.  



Mlle Duffy