Les Devoirs

Posted: October 24, 2022

Les Devoirs

·        Read

·        Study list 4

·        Study x 3 facts (see below)

·        Gym Clothes

·        Sign Math quiz


Mots Fréquents: Video

Bonjour (hello)

Écouter (listen)

Préféré (favorite)

Bois (wood)

Trouver (find)

Jouer (playing)


Reading: Please read guided reading book at least three nights this week.  


La foire de l’école

La sautrelle et la fourmis

Le champions des avions

Attention aux autos

La petit girafe

Les garçons ne dansent pas

Des Dinausors


Math homework : Students are asked to study x 3 multiplication facts. These can be found in your child’s agenda binder under math resources. There will be a quiz on Friday. A PDF copy of facts is also attached.

Strategy: Double it and add a group.

3 x 7 =

7+ 7 = 14 + 7 = 21

3 x 7 = 21 


Dress Up Days

Tuesday, October 25th – Ghostbusters day (wear white)

Wednesday, October 26th – Jersey Day

Thursday, October 27th – Pumpkin Day (wear black or orange)

Friday, October 28th – Flannel Day

Monday, October 31st – Costume Day

Tuesday, November 1st – PJ Day



Mlle Duffy