Les Devoirs

Posted: October 3, 2022

Les Devoirs

1)   Read

2)  Study List 1 (see below)

3)  Gym clothes

4) Please excuse the previous post about face masks and learning materials. This was posted in error and was in refrence to last year at this time. Sorry for any confusion.  


Mots Fréquents: list 1 video

Students are asked to practice studying list 1in the back of their homework agenda. These are weekly spelling words, and we will be having our fist quiz for list 1 on Friday. Click the underlines list 1 video to listen to the words in French.


Beaucoup (a lot)

Ecole (school)

Preuve (proof/to prove)

Hier (yesterday)

Septembre (September)

Respect (respect)


Reading: Please read your guided reading book at least 3 nights this week.


Le cheval de bois

Revien Pipeau

Le petit cheval bleu

Une cabane sous un gros arbre

Train musical

Plaisir sur la rivière



Choir Song : Here is the choir song for Remembrance Day, Choir members can practice the song along with the actions at home if they like.