Les Devoirs

Posted: September 19, 2022

Les Devoirs

·        Read

·        Gym Clothes

·        Water bottle

·        Student Fee $25

Guided Reading :

Students are asked to read their guided reading book at least three nights this week.

Those with chapter books will keep their book for two weeks. Chapters 1-4 (or half the book) will be read this week and chapters 5-8 next week. Any missing books will be posted Tuesday evening.

Books: (click link to listen to video).

La Sautrelle et la fourmi

Mon animal a moi

Le collier de fleur ch 1-2

Le collier de fleur ch 3

Le petit cheval bleu

 A la pépinière



Gym Clothes: Students have gym every day and are expected to change. Please be sure to send a change of clothes for this class.  


Student Fee: Student is $25 and can be paid to the homeroom teacher or directly to the office.



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