Les Devoirs

Posted: October 15, 2023

Les Devoirs


Study list 3

Gym Clothes

Water bottle


Upcoming Dates:

October 25th – Halloween Party 5:45 to 6:45 ($5)

October 27th – Picture Retakes


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Guided Reading:

Please read your book at least 3 night this week. Please return your book to the agenda each night, it will be used during the day at school.


Amerisage Ch 1-2

Amerisage ch 3-6


La veille photo

Lisa de trop ch 1-2


Lisa de trop ch 3-4  


Language Arts (Mr. Johnston)

Monday October 16th: suffix - ‘able’ which is used to mean can be done or able to be done.


fixable – able to be fixed.

laughable – able to laugh at.

imaginable – able to imagine (the e is dropped)

reliable – able to rely on (the ‘y’ is changed to ‘i’ for spelling)


squeezable – able to be squeezed…note the dropped ‘e’)


Tuesday, Oct. 17th – suffix ‘-al’ or ‘-ial’ which are used to mean having the characteristics of something


racial – having the characteristic or relating to race

official – having the characteristic of an office

natural – having the characteristics of nature (note the dropped ‘e’)

refusal – having the characteristics of refusing

arrival – having the characteristics of arriving


Wednesday, Oct. 18th – suffix ‘-ous’ is used to mean full of or characterized as


famous – full of fame

adventurous – full of adventure or characterized by adventure

nervous – characterized by nerves

mysterious – full of mystery

 perilous – characterized by peril


Thursday, Oct. 19th – suffix ‘-ent’ or ‘-ant’ is attached to verbs to mean a person or thing who does that v.


student – a person who studies

assistant – a person who assists

consultant – a person who consults

president – a person who presides


inhabitant – person or animal which inhabits (lives)


Phys Ed.

Students have Phys Ed. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday last period of the day. Please be sure to send a change of clothes for this class.


Cell Phone policy

K-5 is cell phone free; students are asked to leave all electronic devices home.


Bus Change: All students who live in the rapids and went on Bunny’s Bus (3:00 pm run only) will now go on Vicky’s bus at 3:00pm.



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