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Posted: January 27, 2022

Welcome to Home Learning

Bienvenue à Apprendre à la maison

4/5 Duffy

See attached “Weekly Agenda for links and Videos”


French Literacy: 

Morning Message: Listen to message and practice question at the end.

Question: Que faites-vous quand vous vous sentez triste?

Answer: Quand je me sens triste je…

Worksheet : Fill in next square of the worksheet. Do your best to write a sentence about what you do when you are sad or for your emotional health. Draw a picture and color when done.   

Reading: Please read in French every day (10 – 15 mins).

Those with chapter books, work on chapters 1-3 (or the first half of the book) this week.

Students can also use Je lis for reading this week.

New Books:

Une clochette pour Coco

Les garçons ne dansant pas Ch 1-4

Le saut de Charles

Le coliers de fleurs ch 1-2

Le coliers de fleurs ch 3

Une adventure dans les collines

Le défilé de camions

Vole Charlo, vole!

Les mesures et leur histoire. Ch 1

Les mesures et leur histoire. Ch 2


Last Week’s Books:

Les loups ch 5-8

Un ami pour Maxime

Jeu d’équipe

Les petits dinosaures

Mon animal a moi

Un foyer pour les poneys

Les secrets de la construction ch 5-9


Week 1 books :

Les secrets de la construction ch 1-4

Un tour au jardin

Le gateau au chocolat

Coquin ch 1-2

Coquin ch 3-5

La partie de pêche

Les loups ch 1-3

Les loups ch 4

Le choix de Sarah

La nouvelle vie de Minh


 Mots Fréquents Quiz : Listen to video and do your best to write each word correctly.

Math (20-30 minutes)

Gr 4 and 5: Re-watch New Lesson on multiplication using the traditional method. Do the next 10 questions on worksheet. Answers attached below.

Multiplication Flashcards: Try to beat the clock.

Want something more? Log on to Splashlearn (Class code: INQJUY Password: board8and complete any lessons “from my teacher”.

You could also try any in completed math sheet left in your home learning pack or study your multiplication facts.

English video to help.

Social and Emotional

These are just extra activities for those who are interested. It is not a requirement for home learning. They are just fun activities to get you moving and grooving!

Today, I suggested you complete your coloring sheet from Monday.

Check out Mr. Sturgeon’s teacher page for some Phys Ed ideas and Mr. Hache’s for music.

See you Monday!!!!!

Mlle Duffy