le 22 - 26 fev

Posted: February 20, 2021

Les Devoirs

Read (see below)

List 17 (see below)

Math Sheet (see below for video)

Gym Clothes (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri)

Two clean face masks


Dress up Days :

Monday – Blue and Gold

TuesdayClass Color Day (we are multicolored, wear any bright color)

Wednesday - Pink Shirt Day

Thursday - Hawaiian Day

FridayPJ Day (Free popcorn)


Mots Fréquents : Video  










Reading: Guided reading books should be read every night if possible. Some students are not bringing their guided reading books home with them at night and are not reading. Nightly reading is very important for progression and helps with fluency as well as word recognition. Students will be keeping their current book for two weeks.   

Books: (same as last week)

La Cloche Géante

Eric a l’école

Les chèvres dans le champ

La nouvelle vie de Minh

Une araignée dans ma chambres


Math: We will continue to work on two digits by two digits multiplication. We have introduced a new strategy called the box method or partial product. Students separate the units and the tens to multiply and then add their answers together. To have success in this unit, it is important that students know their multiplication facts. In grade 5 (by the end of grade 4), students should know up to 9x9 and be able to give an answer within 3 seconds.

If students do not know their facts, they should be reviewed frequently at home.

Math Homework Help Video: https://youtu.be/jQ8JdKj95rc