le 14 septembre - September 14th

Posted: September 14, 2020


Just a note to let parents and guardians know that students have been adjusting well to the new changes to our daily school lives, they have been sanitizing and wearing their masks when needed. It has been a smooth transition. A big thank you to parents and guardians for the support at home and encouraging your children to have an open mind at school. It has made our return to school a very pleasant and positive experience.

Les Devoirs (homework)

  • Gym tomorrow.

Few Friendly Reminders:

  • After School Pick Up: Some students have been unsure of whether they are being picked up or taking the bus after school.  The return to school has been a big adjustment for everyone. It may be a good idea to check in with your child in the morning before school and make sure they know where they are going after school.  If they are being picked up be sure to send a note.
  • No breakfast program, snack cart or cafeteria this week.
  • Hand Sanitizer: if you are sending hand sanitizer to school with your child, please be sure it is unscented as there are staff and students who have sensitivity to scents.  Students are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer provided in the classroom as it is mild on their hands and follows health and safety guidelines.
  • Please send two clean masks a day.
  • Do not forget your water bottle.


Mlle Duffy