LA Devoirs

Posted: November 15, 2023

Tuesday, Nov. 14th – root graph used to mean written down, drawn

Examples –

autograph – written down by ones’ self

paragraph – written down alongside

biography -the writing down of someone’s life

choreography – the movement of dance written down

geography – the drawing/writing down of the earth



Wednesday, Nov. 15th – root word spect/spec which is used to mean to see, observe, or watch over.


spectator – one who sees an event

inspect – to look into carefully

prospect – a view or an outlook

respect – to see someone in a good way

specimen – a sample observed for medical testing

expect – to look out for


Thursday, Nov. 16th – root word ject which is used to mean throw


object – to throw in the way

subject – to throw under

reject – to throw again

injection – throwing in

projector – that which throws forth

ejection – being thrown out