les devoirs (homework) January 28th- February 1st

Posted: January 28, 2019

Due Date: 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Tuesday, January 29th- February 1st

*Tuesday: Pyjama and Literacy Day (students will be reading with their reading buddies)

·        listen to the song: Charles Chat (same as last week)

§  Gesture: Place index finger over your lips (shh)

·         Blue duo-tang: math sheet: Je peux faire 10 (ways to make 10)

·        Red duo-tang (étude de mots): If interested, students practice reading the words (week 4)

·        Read the book given several times throughout the week.


To help your child to achieve greater success, here are a few suggestions you can use as a guide.



·         Dans ma communauté, je vois… (In my community I see…”)

o   Example : Dans ma communauté, je vois une école. (There is a school in my community)

    Introducing :

·         Comment vas-tu.. (au magasin? au parc?) (How do you go to  ... the store? the park?)

·        Example : Je vais au magasin en voiture. (I go to the store by car.)

·        Quel est ton endroit préféré à Miramichi. (What is your favourite place in Miramichi?)  

·        Example: Mon endroit péféré à Miramichi est French Fort Cove.  (My favourite place in Miramichi is French Fort Cove.)

·        Quel endroit aimes-tu visiter avec tes amis? (Where do you like to go with your friends?)

·        Example: J’aime visiter le parc avec mon ami John. (I like to go to the park with my friend John.)


·         Addition: what makes 10 (ie: 5+5, 6+4)

·         Written math problems (if time)