Homework: November 27th- December 1st

Posted: November 23, 2017

Due Date: 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Les devoirs (homework) November 27- December1    

·         Continue doing the 3 sheets of the alphabet/numbers to 20.

·           Read lyrics to “Louis Ours (yellow duo-tang).

·          Listen to the song “Louis Ours”.

o   Gesture: In front of your mouth, place your hand like the letter “O”.

·          Continue listening to French songs.

 This week students will be learning:

In French class we will be learning about emotions.

·         Comment te sens-tu?

·         Je suis joyeux/joyeuse. (joyeux-masculin, joyeuse-feminin)(I am joyful.)

·         Je suis content/contente. (content-masculin, contente-feminin) (I am happy.)

·         Je suis triste. (I am sad.)

·         J’ai peur. (I am scared.)

·         Je suis surpris/surprise. (surpris- masculin, surprise-feminin) (I am surprised.)

·         Je suis en colère/fâché(e). (I am frusterated/angry.)

·         Je suis nerveux/nerveuse. (nerveux-masculin, nerveuse- feminin) (I am nervous.)

·         Je suis gêné/gênée. (gêné- masculin, gênée- feminin)(I am shy.)

After a few days a second question will be introduced, followed by a third question a few days later.

·         “Pourquoi te sens-tu ______ (triste, contente)?” (Why are you feeling sad, happy? etc.)

·         Je suis contente parce que j’aime l’école. (I am happy because I love school.)

·         Je suis excite parce que j’ai un nouveau chien. (I am excited because I have a new dog.)

·         Je suis triste parce qu’il pleut dehors. (I am sad because it’s raining.)

Que fais-tu quand tu es ____ (triste, content, excité)? (What do you do when you are sad, happy, excited?)

·         Quand je suis content/contente je chante. (I sing when I am happy.)

·         Quand je suis triste, je parle avec un ami. (I talk with a friend when I am feeling sad.)



Students will be learning their numbers to 50.

·         Counting from 1-50, counting by 10 (10, 20, 30, 40, 50), and counting by 5 (5, 10, 15, 20 etc.)