Homework (les devoirs) October 15th- 19th

Posted: October 12, 2018

Due Date: 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Homework: October 15th- 19th 

·        Movie Night Notice

·        Listen to the song “Ève Escargot” (video is on page 4)

o   Gesture: point your right arm above your head towards the left (imitating casting a fishing line)

·        Complete 3 number sheets (17-19)

·         Practice counting backwards from 15-0. 

·         Continue to listen to French songs (if interested)

 To help your child to achieve greater success, here are a few suggestions you can use as a guide. We will be discussing these “sentences” in class this week.

·        Combien de personnes y a-t’il dans ta famille? (How many people are in your family?)

·        Dans ma famille il y a ____ personnes.(There are ___ people in my family.)

·        Qui y a-t ‘il dans ta famille?(Who is in your family?)

o   Il y a mon papa(s), ma maman(s), mon frère(s) et ma sœur(s).(In my family there is my dad, my mom, my sister, and my brother.)

·        Quel animal as-tu à la maison? (What pet do you have at home?)

o   J’ai _____ à la maison. (I have ___ at home.)

§  Chien (dog) chat (cat) poisson (fish)


·        Counting back from 15-0

·        Numbers 1-20

·        Written numbers 0-10 (ie: 0- zéro)