Homework (les devoirs) November 26th- 29th

Posted: November 23, 2018

Due Date: 

Friday, November 23, 2018

Homework: November 26th- November 29th

*Reminders: Parent-Teacher, Thursday (4:30-7:00) and Friday (9:00-11:30)

*No school Friday for students   

·        listen to the song: Lise Lapine (video is on page 3)

o   Gesture: rub your 4 fingers over your thumb

·        +2 domino addition sheet (blue duo-tang)

·        If possible: review counting back from 50.

·        Continue to listen to French songs (if interested)

To help your child to achieve greater success, here are a few suggestions you can use as a guide. We will be discussing these “sentences” in class this week.

·        Que fais-tu le matin? (What do you do in the morning?)

o   Le matin, je me réveille. (In the morning, I wake up.)

o   Le matin, je mange. (In the morning, I eat.)

o   Le matin, je prends l’autobus. (In the morning, I take the bus.)

·        Que fais-tu à l’école? (What do you do at school?)

o   À l’école, je lis. (I read at school.)

o   À l’école, j’écris. (I write at school.)

o   À l’école, j’écoute. (I listen at school.)

o   À l’école, je joue. (I play at school.)

·        Que fais-tu le soir?

o   Le soir, je mange. (I eat at night.)

o   Le soir, je fais mes devoirs. (I do my homework at night.)

o   Le soir, je joue.  (I play at night.)


·        Counting back from 50-20

·        Counting by 2s

·        Addition

·        Introducing estimation