Homework (les devoirs) November 19th- 23rd

Posted: November 19, 2018

Due Date: 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Homework: November 19th- November 23rd   

* Parent-Teacher notice: please indicate your preferred time followed back another time in case that time is not available.  

·         listen to the song: Rémi Requin (video is on page 3)

o   Gesture: move your closed fist in a circular motion.

·         Practice counting back from 50-0 or 50-20 (This could be divide through the week, ie: count back 30-20 one night, 50-40, and then 50-20)

o   I have placed a 50 chart in their blue duo tang to follow for extra support. J  

·         Continue to listen to French songs (if interested)

o   (songs pertaining to emotions are found on page 3-4)

  • 1$ for popcorn (due Wednesday)

To help your child to achieve greater success, here are a few suggestions you can use as a guide. We will be discussing these “sentences” in class this week.

·         Que fais-tu quand tu es_______________? (What do you do when you are feeling___________?)

·         Quand je suis contente, je chante. (When I am happy I sing.)

·         Quand je suis triste, je parle avec un ami. (When I am sad, I talk with a friend.)

·         Quand je suis nerveuse, je ferme les yeux.(When I am nervous, I close my eyes.)


·         Counting 0-50 (forward)

·         Counting back from 50-20  (50-0)

·         Counting by 2s (0-20)