Mar. 15

Posted: March 15, 2019

NRF 10-Expand and simplify polynomials day 3 . See the attached PDF file of today's notes.

      Class/Homework: Quiz Tuesday

Math 6 - Notes on  Lesson 7 Experimental probability (Just remember to look at the dat provided for experimental . Be sure  to write probability statements. (see attaced for solutions). (See the PDF file)

       Class / Homework: Page 278  #1,2,3 (Make sure to include probability statements)

                                          Test moved to March 20

 Math 8 -.More practice with % of a number mentally and word problem involving %. Also looked at % increase and % decrease again(all notes were provided in class)

     Class / Homework::    Page 254 ----#14,15,17


Science 9-   Notes on the sun's energy , stars magnitude, galaxy shape (see attached PDF)

             Homework: Study your notes 10-15min each night   (Assignment was done in class Page 458 #1,2,5,6)

                     Test March 21 on Space