Feb. 7

Posted: February 7, 2019

NRF 10- Notes and examples on mixed to entire radicals   See the attached PDF file of today's notes.

      Class/Homework: Page 218 #7b, 8b, 10e, 11egi, 12bdfhj, 13, 14, 17, 17ac, 18ac

                                      Quiz Tomorrow

Math 6 - Reducing ractions review and how to write percent for fractions with denominators not 100.  Test will be Tuesday, Feb 12

       Class / Homework:  Worksheet on reducing fractions (attached)

                                        Test will be Tuesday, Feb 12 

 Math 8 -We did a warm-up before the quiz that was similar to the quiz.  After the quiz we started to model a fraction divided by a whole number using blocks and a whole number divide by a fraction with a numberline.  

     Class / Homework:: No homework   


Science 9-  Notes on the revolution and rotation of earth.  

             Homework: No homework