Feb. 6

Posted: February 6, 2019

NRF 10- More notes on and exmples on how to reduce a ratical (Entire to mixed) using product of perfect nth and primefactorization.  See the attached PDF file of today's notes.

      Class/Homework: Page 218 #4cdh, 9, 10abcd, 11abcd

Math 6 - QUIZ today then notes and examples of percents  Test will be Tuesday, Feb 12

       Class / Homework:  Page 188-189 #1a, 4a, 5ac, 8ab, 9ab, 10, 13

                                        Test will be Tuesday, Feb 12 

 Math 8 -We did a warm-up on how to  multiply Mixed fractions by a  mixed fraction & REDUCE.  QUIZ TOMORROW

     Class / Homework:: Page 128 #2 to #8b   (Use rules for most questions except model #2a & 4c)


Science 9-  Notes on how to calculate distance to stars using lightyears.  Then we started notes on noteson our solar system

             Homework: No homework