Weekly Wellness Challenge - May 4

Posted: May 4, 2020

Hello everyone,

I haven't received a ton of submissions for last weeks challenge, so I think I will carry over the entries to this weeks challenge as well. Of course, if you complete the challenge this week, and did last week as well you will get multiple entries into the draw!

This weeks wellness challenge is going to be simply. I want you to create your own family game. Your game can use any materials you have around the house or outside. Your game doesn't have to be sport or activity specific, but can use influences from any game you like. The rules for making your game are simply... you come up with the rules!

The only thing that is required is that there needs to be a scoring system, and there needs to be a way to determine a winning person or team.

Be creative, and try to think outside the box. This is a great way to not only have the student of your household being active, but getting the entire family active as well! These are strange times of isolation and separation, so lets take this opportunity to connect as a family and enjoy each other with some basic, good old fashioned fun and competition!

PLEASE either post to the group or send me a video of your family participating in your game. I love seeing feedback from everyone, and your game might just inspire another family to get active!

If you would like, take it a step further and virtually challenge another family to try your game, or compete against you!

Have fun everybody!!