Monday - Weekly Wellness Challenge April 20

Posted: April 20, 2020

Good Morning Everyone!
Congrats to Lainey Hallihan Ashley Hallihan on winning last weeks "Weekly Wellness Challenge"!
As mentioned in the video a few minutes ago, this weeks challenge is going to be....
Learning how to JUGGLE! Sounds crazy, and hard, and complicated I know. But the process for learning how to juggle is a great exercise in hand-eye coordination, and perseverance! The video I am going to post is a great and simple step by step tutorial to learning how to complete a 3 ball juggle. You will quickly learn that in order to learn to juggle, you will need to learn how to deal with failure. You are going to drop the balls, you are going to mess up, and that's ok! Learning to fail is almost as important as learning the skill. Stick with it, focus, practice, and you will get it!
This is a fun one, I'm really looking forward to seeing you all give this a try!
Be creative, stay safe, and HAVE FUN everyone!!