Middle School Exploratory Physical Education - January 21

Posted: January 21, 2022

Good morning everyone,


For some structured curriculum-based fitness activities you can refer to "Day 5" of the weekly plan posted below. Again, these activities are great because they are designed with specific outcomes in mind, and each day has been representative of a specific type of physical fitness activity.


Also, if you enjoyed completing the "Fitness Bingo" activities, you can use the new card I have posted below. Try to complete the corresponding exercises on the card to complete two lines for a bingo.

As always, if you have some physical activity outlets planned either on your own or with your family, you can participate in that as well. Please be sure, though, to record your activities in your activity log, as I will be collecting those logs when students return to in-person learning. A large percentage of this semester's exploratory mark will be based on this most recent stretch of home learning, so it is important to keep track of your activities in your log, and to get that log in to me when we get back to in-person learning.