Middle School Exploratory Physical Education Activities - January 24

Posted: January 24, 2022


Good morning everyone, 

For this week I will post another weekly activity plan. This plan includes all of the activities and descriptions of each activity for each day of the week. All of these activities are derived from curricular outcomes, and can easily be completed at home. The theme for this week's activities is fitness knowledge. Last week you completed a number of different styles of workouts ranging from those testing your cardiovascular function, to muscular endurance activities. This week, you will complete similar activities, but will also gain a better understanding of how the activities relate to your overall physical fitness.


In addition to these activities, if you have other modes of physical activity planned either individually or with your family, you can complete those as well. Please be sure, though, to record all physical activity in your activity log to be handed in when you return next week.


Have a great day!