Middle School Exploratory Physical Education Activities - January 18

Posted: January 18, 2022


Good morning everyone,


As always, you are welcome to participate in any kind of physical activity that you like, whether it be on your own or with your family. I will post a couple of structured options for the day, though, that are quick and will get your heart rates up with minimal equipment needed. 


If you are looking for a structured plan for the day, you can refer to "day 2" of the weekly guide that I posted yesterday, which focuses on physical fitness through endurance.


If you are looking for an activity with a little individual competition and fun, I have also posted a new "Fitness Bingo" card for your use. I am asking that you complete any two lines on this card for a bingo win. 


Please be sure to keep logging your daily activities in your activity log, as I will be collecting those when we return to in-person learning.


Have a great day!