Middle School Exploratory Physical Education Activities - January 17

Posted: January 17, 2022


Good Morning everyone,

Good morning everyone,


Today will be the last official day for the Quinzee building challenge. Of course, if you would like to work on or complete your quinzee after today, that's perfectly ok. I recommend finishing them up today, though, because we have a little bit of snow and rain coming this evening. That snow and rain on top of a completed quinzee added with the temperature dropping again tomorrow night will give you a very solid outer structure. 

As always, if you plan to do some physical activity on your own, or with your family that is fine as well, just be sure to log your activity.

If you are looking for a more structured plan for the week I will also attach an at-home fitness plan for the week with some simple activities that can be done with minimal equipment. Each day is going to represent a different type of physical fitness activity from cardiovascular fitness, to muscular endurance and aerobic fitness. The package includes all the resources you will need for that activities.


Have a great day!