Middle School Exploratory Physical Education Activities - January 12

Posted: January 12, 2022


Good morning everyone!


It was brought to my attention that the 2-week activity log file that I posted yesterday wouldn't open in some cases, so I will attach a new PDF form of the document to this post that should work.


For today's suggested activities, I would ask that you use the same activity bingo card that was posted yesterday (I will repost it on this post as well) to try and achieve two NEW lines today. I would like you to try and do as many activities that are different from the ones you did yesterday as possible to try and get your two new lines.


As always, if you engage in some other form of physical activity, either on your own or with your family, that is perfectly fine as well! I only ask that when you are participating in your activity, try to do it for at least 30min each day.


Please be sure to record your activity on the activity log to keep track of what you are doing!


Have a great day!



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