Middle School Daily PE/Wellness Activity - April 23

Posted: April 23, 2020

Good morning everyone,
Here is a cool game for your daily suggested PE/Wellness activity called "Socketball". It was shared to us from a PE teacher in Nova Scotia, so I thought I would share it with you all. This is a fun and simply game that is adjustable and modifiable for students of all ages from K-9. All you need for this game is some open space, 5 pairs of socks (clean preferably), a laundry basket, and something to measure and mark distance. This is a timed game, but you can modify the amount of time you have to complete the challenge, or the distance you are throwing the socks from based on age or skill level. You want the game to be challenging, but still easy enough to have some success and fun. I will post the link below. If you have any questions about how to change the game up to make it either easier, or more challenging feel free to comment on this post, or send me a message.
As always, you can replace this suggestion with any indoor or outdoor activity of your choice. The above suggestion is a good one because it can be set up inside or outside as it was in the video.
I have also attached a video of NBA star Trae Young having some fun with a similar game in his home.
Have a great day everyone!