K-5 Physical Education Activities - January 17

Posted: January 17, 2022


Good morning everyone,


Today will be the last official day for the Quinzee building challenge. Of course, if you would like to work on or complete your quinzee after today, that's perfectly ok. I recommend finishing them up today, though, because we have a little bit of snow and rain coming this evening. That snow and rain on top of a completed quinzee added with the temperature dropping again tomorrow night will give you a very solid outer structure. 


If you have completed your quinzee already or would like another activity to complete, you can choose any activity from the winter activity board posted last week, which I will link again today. If it is too cold for you outside today, I recommend the "Tabata" workout from the activity board. It is a quick and easy workout that will get your heart rate up!


Also, if you are looking for more organized and curriculum-based activities, I am also attaching another weekly activity guide. All of the activities in this guide are based on specific outcomes, and are easy to set up and complete at home! If you have any issues with setup, or want some advice on facilitating the activities, please send me a message at matthew.sturgeon@nbed.nb.ca and I will help you out as best I can!


Have a great day!

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